Races of Middle Earth - Character - brasshorse


Hi everyone. :slight_smile:
Here’s my Challenge submission. I made one large image for the WIP up until this point in order to save bandwidth and all that. Sorry if the pictures are too small.
I’ll be posting a larger, completed and coloured version of the beast design along with a write-up about the backstory within a few days.

For now, here’s the drawing so far. Thanks.



Awesome. Very manly and big.


nice process & sketches, brassymchorse. damn, i dont think anyone can top this.


Welcome back Aaron, I trust trav told you about the challenge? :wink:

Kickass work as usual man, I’m keeping my eye on this for sure



:eek: Oh damn … Brasshorse is here too!

Note to everyone: Check out his website! Badass stuff! You’ll like … I promise!

I’ll be watching this one Brasshorse, I loved your Autumn beast and I’m sure this one won’t be anything less than spectacular! :thumbsup:


Whoa, man, I like it very much! Especially because I love comics :slight_smile:


wow…great start. DAMN cool beast!!!:beer:



very nice sketch

and very nice gallery in your website

waiting to see some colors on it


Thanks for the comments so far, everyone. :slight_smile:

Here’s a colour update. I still have more to go, and when I post the final I’ll include the name and story. Thanks again.

UPDATE I removed the Colour WIP image to save time for people with slow modems. The finished design is at the bottom. :slight_smile:



Nice! I have nothing to say really. It’s just wonderful. :thumbsup:

Only one nitpicky thing I could come up with …
Maybe the chain could use a couple more links so that it doesn’t look like it’s attached to the tenticle.





Aaron you are amazing man!


Here’s the final design. Lemme know if the image is too large, and I’ll see what I can do. There were issues with loss of detail.

Here’s the backstory, and a HUGE THANKS to Samurai - who basically thought it up and wrote it into words with his vast knowledge of Tolkien-lore. He’s the man.

In the fourteenth century of the Third Age of the Sun, in Middle-earth there again arose the nine servants of Sauron the Ring Lord. The foremost among them came to the north of Eriador, where he made the kingdom of Angmar in Carn dûm. With legions of Orcs and Hillmen of the Ettenmoors, this Nazgûl lord, who was at that time called the Witch-king of Angmar, waged constant war for six centuries against the Dúnedain of Arnor.

In the year 1974 of the Third Age, the last city of Fornost fell to the might of the Witch-king. The Witch-king’s possesion of Arnor was brief, for his army was defeated by the Elf-lords Círdan and Glorfindel and by Eärnur, the king of Gondor, at the Battle of Fornost. During the battle at Fornost, the Witch-king went abroad on the field upon a steed gifted to him by Sauron. This beast was called “Vantanyérë”, the walking grief, and horror went out before it like a chill wind. Its speed was much more than that of a horse, and it went about the field leaping great distances. Where its foot struck the earth was left a grey blight and all that was green turned brown and withered against its breath. Any men who assailed it were made to shrink away in weakness as if old age had taken them and a cold numbness restrained their limbs.

In earlier times, Vantanyérë bore Sauron away in secret from the wrath of the war-host of Valinor and the ruin of Beleriand in the War of Wrath at the closing of first age. It escaped death again in the War of the Last Alliance when it fled Mordor into the Ephel Dúath and then into the north. When the Witch-king established his throne at Angmar, by the will of Sauron, Vantanyérë found his way to him and became the chief of his stable. The beast’s end was met in the battle of Fornost by the hands of Glorfindel who had impaled him upon elvish spear as the Witch-king rode forth to run him down on the gateway bridge. Its death was slow, and it continued to rage until the last of its breath was gone. Never since that time had a beast in likeness to Vantanyérë walked the lands of Middle Earth.

Near the closing of the third age, remembering his defeat, the Witch-king dreaded Glorfindel and would not flee to the riverside, even when faced with the charging waters of the river Bruinen and the ringbearer close at hand.



Awesome design man, I totally dig it. Clean lines and nice coloring.
Btw are you still coloring with a mouse?


That is easily one of the coolest (and scariest) things I’ve ever seen! Looks great!


I really love it! Cool work again mister Aaron! :applause:
U got this sharp style that I dig so much, like Sam liu’s style (…did I say it to u before…no? :D)

Keep postin’ pleaz!

Good luck too!



ohh aaron ooooooooohhhhh aaron oh yes OH YES


Thanks a whole bunch for the comments and kind words, everyone. I’m glad you like it.

Royal: Thanks man. Yeah…still using a mouse. :confused:

CgFreak: Flattering, thanks. Interesting design you have going on there. Try doing what I do…observe wildlife…watch nature shows on Discovery Channel a lot. Get a dog and look at how they’re designed. Then, watch movies with monsters and creatures in them and try to design something better than what you see on-screen. :slight_smile:

art7sayan: Thanks! Yes…Sam Liu is my idol. Really, someday I hope to get anywhere near how awesome he is.


CGFreak: Don’t you think it’s just a tad tasteless to put your own work in someone else’s thread? I find it distracting.

Anyway, awesome work Brass. I mean that by its dictionary definition of inspiring awe. It wasn’t hard finding inspiration to write while looking at that badass.

And now, the Ayatollah of Rock n’ Rolla - :airguitar :buttrock: :drumrock: :xtreme: :airguitar


Hey CGFreak…forget about the dork!!! Brasshorse wasn´t saying anything against it. I also would have no probs when ya post in my thread for questions. I think its nice from ya to post here because ya got inspired by Brass. I think he isn´t defended or something… We are a big Family. Look at Samurays posts. FORGET IT!!!:beer:
Cheerz buddy