Races of Middle Earth - Character - azazel


I’m in…

I’m thinking of a race from north, cold part of Middle Earth. They are half land half water beings, not so remotely related with humans. Their main occupation is underwater (or underice…:wink: ) mining of some rare metal, so they are strong, hard working fellas. More detailed story to came soon…

I’m not happy with this sketch, and pose is awful, no clothes except pants - it’s working suit. They are a bit fat to keep themselves warm, and they like beer anyway :beer: . Big hands and feet to swim faster…

More sketches, better than this one I hope, to come…


That’s a nice sketh, Azazel :thumbsup:
And a cool concept too - looking forward to seeing what you do with it! Welcome to the challenge, and best of luck to you too :smiley:


Awesome Sketch!:thumbsup:
The creature is getting out just neat. Can’t wait to see more!


Thx, Leigh and Gandalf :beer:

I’m still thinking about story, now I’ve located them somewhere in the Ice Bay of Forochel.

Wanted him as new avatar, but in 100x100 pix there’s not much to see :annoyed:, have to wait for 3d version:


Just a quick sketch of the head - en face. Now as I have front and side and i can start modelling the head :wip:


Absolutely great concept, I also thought about water-beings but decided to put them into the sump :wink:
But now they got NO BEER, god dammit! :beer:

Can’t wait to see an underwater sceeene :buttrock:


@ ahrens : many people here are making water beeings… maybe too many :wink:

Now some more sketches, or rather doodles of the face. I got bored on organic chemistry class… There were more of them, but only these two are presentable:

Some body sketches to come soon.


MMMH Looks cool…mmmmh…hey…this guy may looks “true cool” in 3d! Keep it up!


Thx, Oz… You say if it looks cool enough :wavey: :

It took me one hour and half to model it this evening. It’s nowhere near completion, just a start. And I know about edgeloops: they are totally messed up. And there’s awful lot of triangles…Will try to fix that.

Little note about subdivision: Now it’s standard wings subdivision. He looks much better smoothed in Maya, once with continuity set to 0,8 and next with default continuity. That way he has sharper, more defined features.


good start man, good start . . .

needs some extra edgeloops round his mouth and eyes maybe, but good start nonetheless


Thx, Equinoxx, I added so many edgeloops that it looks almost smooth even unsmoothed… this one below is smoothed once:


Rough body model. Head is not yet attached, no hands…
Crits welcome, especially about edgeloop placement on the body.


Looking good. Tough looking but with some inteeligence behind those eyes. Modeling is turning out nice already. I like the fins idea and the extra large hands for the whole swim theme. Also watch those beers( Ale) in MiddleEarth I believe,they will make him sink.:wink:

          Maybe a soft layer of fat for support against bad weather,but not too fat,they need to be able to swim fluidily. Agility would be important for these type characters.

           Well it's certantly looking promising,hope to see you advance with it soon. Nice thus far Azazel.:beer:


Thanks, Virtuoso… You right about agility, I want him to look slow and harmless, but to be fast and agile, especially with some axe in hands;). It would be fun to animate him trying to catch some little bastards;)

Have to stop browsing challenge forum and spend more time modelling…:wink:


Yes true about needing time to model…But there is always time to hunt for lil’bastards of Fellah…:stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

           I have many plans for those little guys.:thumbsup: 

           I'll see you after another update and around these threads.:beer:


Uploaded all images to tripod, 'cos my host was slow as hell :annoyed:

Added hands:



I don’t know if its intentional but the thumb looks a little too big. I like the concept.


Azazel, that humanoid has an interesting appearance.:slight_smile:
Those hands look ok if they are meant to be graspy.:thumbsup:




BlueCougar : that’s why the thumb is so big:

Grub, [B]-OZ-[/] : THX :beer:

Gave him pants and boots, so he don’ t get cold. Still very simple, time for detailing will come later: