Races of Middle Earth - character - Alice


Count me in, i borrowed a wacoom today and opened painter for the first time, damnit if one wouldnt celebrate that with making an entry here as first thing to work on.


You are in too my beloved wife(insiderjoke!!!):love:

Waiting for ya first wip.
And btw… ya will love the wacom for sure!!!


Tommy Lee


My Character:

Njorun is a nightcreature, she holds our most precious dreams close to her heart and guards them from evil.
The dwarfs calls the night “Dream-Njorun”.
Njorun was once the godess of dreams, she had 2 hearts, one beating for her and one beating for the hope that dreams produce. In a battle with Sauron, he reached towards her chest and took the heart that beated for her own body and dreams, forcing her to decend into the night living only for the hopes of the people of middle-earth.

Well,will scan the doodles sometime this weekend :slight_smile:

(Edit: Njorun is a dream godess according to the “snorres edda”, a tale that describes the nordic mythologi, I figured that since the whole middle earth is borrowed from there, then I could keep the legacy up :stuck_out_tongue: )

(Edit2: wohoooo, today is my 111:th birth… post :stuck_out_tongue: )


Njorun has 2 spiders, Nirna and Narno who send out their childern around the middle-earth to make litte spiderwebs above all the creatures beds to collect their good dreams and hopes.
Then all dreams ends up like little flickering lights in Njoruns web.
She collects the dreams and puts them in the hole in her chest where her heart should be.

Sauron has her heart and hopefully, one day, someone will bring it back to her, letting her give back the sheltered dreams to people and put her own heart back where it belongs.

She lives in the outskirts of lothlorian and all living things loves her and wants to be near here, they love her so much that some flowers and trees have started to grow on her.

She lives inside a tree and the tree grew her little wistles and pipes to play on, letting her play a lullaby for all the children of middle earth.

Isnt this just sugary sweeet :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey Alice, nice idea.
Tolkien did indeed take a lot from the various incarnations of the Edda, as well as other nordic sources, so your idea blends in quite well, although it might be just a little too sweet. On the other hand…maybe not. I mean, Tolkien did
include Tom Bombadil…and he’s hardly subtle. :wink:


Yes, I almost chocked on the sickly sweetnes as i wrote it :stuck_out_tongue:
But then i added the 2 spiders and thought about drawing her as a nice tree-goth-like creature with one spider on each shoulder.

She prolly was a verry strong and beautiful creature once, but has becomed something else since she doesnt have an own heart.
Sorta like gollum, but faded and not passed over to madness :slight_smile:

Tanx for the input :slight_smile:

(Edit: and heck, considdering EVERYONE prolly will make gore wonderful evil creatures, someone will have to even the statistics up and put one in for the good guys :wip: )


Well, this is how she looks right now :confused:
Should I scrap the idea?
Its not like the one who guards our dreams could look evil.
Oh well.


No, stick to the idea…
but you could make her look older, she looks quite young right now. If she fought Sauron, she should look a little wiser, more elegant, if you get my meaning.


Good thing, thanks!
(she´ll prolly end up wrinkled like an old turtle :stuck_out_tongue: )


Hey…ernie…hehe it’s been a while…nice style…like your artwork…can’t wait to see the finished piece…keep it up:thumbsup:


I have to agree with culann…

anyway I like it!:beer:


what ever you say dear :slight_smile:
hi Remi, thanks for stopping by, where the holidays nice?

well, doodled a bit to see how she would turn out. Im a “dogsitter”( :stuck_out_tongue: ) tonite, taking care of a dog called Kata, or Kate in english. Shes kinda cute and the best thing about her is here ears, if you wondered why I keep hanging on to thoose weird ears :slight_smile:


well, she needs something to ride on, think I will make her a Woc and attach 2 horns to its forehead.
Or Im just gonna go to sleep :stuck_out_tongue:


I liked her younger, but older makes sense too. I know it’s 2d, but she would look nice in 3d (any of them):thumbsup:


When I said older, I didn’t really mean old. :slight_smile:
I was thinking more along the lines of ‘Galadriel-old’. Her features should look timeless, as if they stood under no influence whatsoever, as usual with Gods.
So, basically, you could show her age by paying a lot of attention to her eyes, which express her wisdom, while keeping her features more like a young woman. But of course, it’s entirely up to you.


but hey, on the other hand, all the people i have seen so far in the movies have been good looking (female ones I mean) Maybe a woman looking abot galadriels age but with something different, like a burn from a fire or something …
i dont now, she old now anyways :slight_smile:

I´ll keep on working on it and maybe do a serie of pictures from young to old or something…
Tanx for the input!


MY suggestion: DO what ya like most!!!



Tommys post makes me wanna cry and go back and work in the beautyshop :annoyed:

Oh well, update:

Edit: guess the problem with the arm will go away when i add colour and make the whole sleeve dark.


Shut up Alice…ya doin fantastic…:thumbsup:

Here is a little help for the arm prob…just a little tweak:


thats true, tanx tommy!