Race Track Model Question/Input Please


Hi guys, im modeling Mazda Leguna Seca racetrack. The question i am pondering is how to proceed with creating the track itself. It has to be rather low poly, for now i have just extruded boxes along the path but im having difficaulty setting up the track to look good w/o sitting above or below the terrain plane. Im also having difficaulty decided how i would texture the entire track like this. I was looking to see how some of you guys would go about doing this?


Can we have some images to see what we have to work with?


i’d do it like any other street - create 2 splines for the width of the street, call them border_left and border_right, copy both and attach them together. extrude the copied/attached version and loft/sweep a shape along the other 2 splines to frame it. can’t really make screenshots of it since i’m not at home, but it should give you rather clean forms. you would have to use materials with procedural textures though, since uv-mapping the whole thing could be quite not-so-funny.


prolly a good idea, here are 4 so far. This is a game level so it cannot be high poly.


Nice work, looks like a fun project.

It doesn’t look like the corkscrew turn has the right z depth, that is a very important feature of this track. There should also be a nice elevation gain near the start going into the first turn.


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