Race Off, Nicolas Crombez (3D)


Best, best,best!

I very much love this style. Excellent detailed elaboration, the mood of accident is well transferred.
5 stars :thumbsup:


Without close ups it doesnt look good, but now after posting this zoomed images Im sure it is very solid piece


This is a great piece a lot of attention to detail …! well deserved front page…


Great attention to detail

Love the “kill marks”, is that a man woman and child?

  • Ty


that poor bastard with his chute and the propeller!

great piece.


Wow! Stunning image!, Excellent attention to details! You even have foot prints >.< :eek: :applause: :bowdown:


Simply Beautiful



Great render, the design of the ship is really uncommon and very cool.



Great stuff. I like that there is a story going on there… :slight_smile:



I love this! So much action going on, wonderful!
The ship concept is very good!


great work… and nice to see LW get some front page exposure.




I like it,its really great but I think it would be better if you choose a gray and high contrast lighting,this can lead the audiance to the most important points in the picture,but really amazing


Yes, haem, this is an entire happy familly


I normally like to provide some critical feedback as I enjoy crits more than praises. However, you freeing knocked the ball out of the park on this one. The creativity, the believability, the feeling of the composition, the emotion of the subjects… it’s bloody perfect.



The design of the aircaraft is great, really original with a mix of the fantastic and the plausible. Also really impressed by the detail.

The characters are great, I like the story that it is being played out in the image.

Made my day seeing this.

Thank you!


Yes, haem, this is an entire happy familly

Lol, just love your sadistik touch Blam! :beer: And well, a big congratulation for the front page here, it’s really deserved!


Excellent work! My only crit is that it’s difficult to understand all that’s happening, as I have no “reference”–no idea what the aircraft was supposed to look like when it was intact. Perhaps a similar aircraft in the not-too-distant background would help. (Although kudos that the aircraft is unique.)


Great work, I like the story :thumbsup:
Thanks for the close-ups.


I’m not a big fan of the image as a whole - but your detailed crops/close ups are all fantastic.


Beautiful detail!! Really great work!