Race Off, Nicolas Crombez (3D)


Title: Race Off
Name: Nicolas Crombez
Country: Belgium
Software: Lightwave 3D

Image done for personnal practice.
A race with bad issue.
All done in Lightwave, post with PS.
Thanx for your attention


Excellent scene , i like


Thanx for your comment Pitchi,
here some detail at full size.
Sorry for heavy dl



Wow very nice work :applause: :applause: :applause:


These guys are in trouble; great imaginative modelling and scene setting.


excellent render, lots of action going around, overall good job :wink:


Awesome job! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Yes, this is VERY GOOD man! I just LOVE the details in this scene!
Top notch if you ask me!

GrtZ & congrats, Tim :cool:


wow…amazing & inspiring work!


looks great scene


Awesome picture! Great work!


very good work man:applause:


Awesome work man! Love all the little details that has gone into this piece. Keep up the good work! :slight_smile:


wall man is amazing work , detalis & very good textures i like it this work

good luck 4 ever :applause:


Like it :thumbsup:


hey !
Great work man, i really like that ship. :thumbsup:


nice picture!! :applause:
I like it!


Very well executed…love those guys struggling…nice shots,captured really well!
good work…:applause:


The footprints in the soot on top of the vehicle are an amazing touch! I love the detail you have put into this. You are amazing!


Thanx very much for your kind attention!
Here a wireframe and aturntable of the ship (low quality compression)
A better here thanx to Igor!