i’m having a terrible time trying to get the paint effects to respond to light linking.
they seem to keep blowing out and get shadows cast from lights i don’t necessarily want to cast shadows. it’s rather frustrating.

what i ended up doing was killing a bunch of lights and creating what reminds me of a camera flash kind of capture.

suggestions of what i can do to improve it or get the paint effects to work better with light linking would be greatly appreciated.


I don’t know if paint effects are supposed to work with light linking or not. In the case of those trees, you could render them in a separate layer if you wanted different lights on them.

The scene looks pretty good. Maybe you could get darker more visible shadows into it by shifting the light to the side or up a little more. Also, try adding some other light, maybe just a little kick of blue specular coming from the side to put some highlights on the leaves and grass?



well, i spent the day working on the fur and added a couple blue lights.

however, i’m not sure about the fur and if it really looks ‘fluffy’ or not.
any suggestions are more than welcome.


I think the length of the fur should be a bit more noisy.


Nice. The rabbit fur is getting better.

The black edge around the ear needs to be covered up or softened, hopefully you can put some new texture or a very fine pink fur into the inner ear.

Now that the rabbit is brighter, you might try to brighten-up some of the highlights in the parts of the grass that are close to us.

The bigger shadow is OK, but you could either make it softer, or else put a little bit of blue fill or blue specular into the grass from another angle, so there’s some presence there.



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