Rabbit Menace, Gonçalo Pereira (2D)


Title: Rabbit Menace
Name: Gonçalo Pereira
Country: Portugal
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop

My “Secret Agent” entry, hope you like it.

Wolves and Rabbits are disputing the World.
For a long time Wolves ruled all the territory but the rabbits rise as opponents to the dictators, apparently with success.
Wolves suffered terrible losses in battle and heard rumors that the rabbit army constructed a menacing long range shooting vehicle code name Wolf Redeemer to conquer the World, capable of bringing a despair storm to whatever troops that its cannon is pointed, so wolves sent a highly trained and mean agent to gather all information possible even if that costs his own life.
This scene the wolf agent finally laid his eyes in the enemy weapon and trembles upon it, while the rabbit general explains to
the lieder of the rabbit army the need to produce dozens of units to wipe out the enemy once and for all, but at this very moment the wolf presence gets noticed by the Lieder?s personal
bodyguards, the “pyro soldier” and the “red female” two of the most dangerous and cruel rabbits alive! a deadly confront is about to happen.


Fabulous! It actually took me a moment to spot the secret agent. I really love the way you’ve made the rabbits look like Nazis. The rim lighting on all the characters is really nice, and I like the snowy/rainy atmosphere. Very nice work.

Good luck with the challenge and enjoy some time on the front page!


Amazing!I love so much the colours!
great work one more time!


hi Rawgon,as i told you before your image is simply great!good luck with the judging


very nice concept and so detail… the color and mood is very nice too…
great work… :smiley:


You did a great job man!
Wish you good luck!


Superb work, Gonçalo, as always!


yeah haha. and i love how the tank has bunny ears too :smiley:


very nice bro! like leigh said, enjoy your time on the front page.


Great work…Love the concept and execution…Super…:applause:


Great image, what I want to know is exactly what you were smoking with you came up with the story behind this though? Rabbit tanks that will wipe out the savage wolves from the world? Haaahahaha, great stuff.


one word: I LOVE IT!

two words: Good luck with judging!


It’s smaller than I expected based on the thumbnail, so it’s hard to make out the bunny ears at first. I do like the piece overall. Admittingly those rabbit soldier add different level of strangeness to the piece. Very nice tecno/sci-fi setting and vehicles. Great work.


Leigh, i truly appreciate your comment and opportunity, Thank you!:scream::buttrock:

marilenamexi, Thanks mate!
diissar, Hi man! i feel the same about your entry.
tenerh, Thanks mate!
Randis, Thanks man! best of lucks for you to;)
andreasrocha, Andi how are you man! Thank you, very appreciated.
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Great job as usual Rawgon, love all the sketch work on the characters and vehicles you did till the final result. Good luck. :slight_smile:


:beer: LOL
What can I say? The image is on the frontpage where it should be! :smiley:
Gonçalo, I am repeating myself but this image is awesome and I would love to be able to paint something like this!!
All the best and Goodluck for the challenge! :thumbsup:
Portugal Oleh!! :wip:


This piece is soo great from the challenge. I like the “no wolf” panel on the gun and all the cute details. Cool concept and awesome realisation.

Hey hey you know what, I’m proud to be on the forum frontpage with you. These tree works are all my favorites.


this is awesome ! :thumbsup:




For me, this is my fave of the moment. I love the hybrid of 2D and 3D mixed here. Honestly, I didn’t realize 3D was implemented at first, which is kind of what we strive to accomplish with 3D in my opinion. My favorite element is your use of color with the monochromatic blues and hints of orange for the complement…just stunning. Do you have a larger render? I ask, because there are so many details I want to ogle at. :slight_smile: