R9 US Pricing


Hey folks,

The sales department just posted this over at the postforum. Sorry for the delays in getting info out. This week has been pretty crazy and our access to the Internet is limited during the show.

We apologize for not having this information available before now, we are having some issues with the web shop and have been tied up with SIGGRAPH.
After all of the speculation and conjuncture here we thought it would be best to clarify a few issues.

Obviously we can not post EVERY price configuration here now, but we will try to cover some of them that have been discussed.

First of all the upgrade from XL 8 to XL 9 is $595. 8.5 users will receive a $50 discount.
The upgrade from R8 to R9 is $295.

The new Studio Bundle includes Sketch & Toon so an upgrade from SB V8 to SB V9 will be $895 ($595 for the V upgrade, $300 for Sketch). For those that already own Sketch, the SB upgrade will be $595.

All pricing information can be obtained by calling our US office @ 1-877-226-4628 Ext.5101. We do hope to have the web shop issues resolved early next week if you’d prefer to place your order that way.

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Rock on!!!

I might be placing my order next week then. :slight_smile: I expected it to be much more.

Very cool



I’m a bit confused, XL 8.5 users will get 50% off, but Studio 8.5 users won’t. Is that right?
Please correct me if I am wrong here, I don’t have an issue with the $595 upgrade cost, I just don’t get why Studio 8.5 users are not getting 50% as well as XL.



$50 not 50%, and i reading thorugh that it looks like 8.5 users will get $50 off regardless of which bundle they’re updating from.


Oops! My Bad! I’ll crawl into a hole somewhere now.



I’m a little confused. Anybody care to tell me where I fit into this? I own XL8, BP2, S&T, and the 8.5 upgrade. Do I fit in the XL price bracket or the Studio one? I own more than the XL bundle, but less than the Studio bundle. See where I’m confused? sigh

(Yeah, I know I should talk to Rafi. Call me lazy.)


cookepuss, I have the exact same setup as you: XL8.5, BP2, and S&T and wanted to upgrade to XL9. I purchased the upgrade today and spoke with the sales rep, and yes you would get the $50 off and BP2 and S&T would work with XL9…so I have been told.


My guess is it would be $595 - $50 for the XL bundle + a handling fee for the other modules.


So, Studio owners are forced to buy S&T?

I don’t get it.


Studio Bundle is and will be the all in one bundle where every module is included.


But when I bought it, there were no S&T and now there is a different price for those who have S&T and those who haven’t. Which is ok, but what is not ok is that I have to pay for S&T. Even if I don’t want it, Maxon force me to buy S&T. Which is NOT a very good way to make business.
So what Maxon will get now, is nothing, since it’s too expansive for me, so I won’t upgrade.



hey essania

I am in the same case of you.

I have all modulles without Sketch and toon and I have BP1.

I don’t went sketch and toon and BP2.

So the solution is make a downgrade of Studio bundle to XL bundle. And you lost dynamics and BP :sad:

I don’t understand why maxon has not thinking a solution for this case.


Essania summed up my feelings perfectly.

I have no need and no desire to use S&T but am being forced to buy it…

I don’t feel the $595 price for core is unreasonable but I have to seriously re-think my plans for C4D and the future. Each time a new module is released my upgrade price will go up incrementally - whether or I need the module or not.

Maxon has just taken the “advantage” away from the ala carte module method of sales by requireing their purchase for a Studio upgrade.

At the very least it makes it impractical to buy the Studio bundle for all but those that know they will be using every module with every upgrade.

I was fully prepared to drop the $595 for r9. Now that I know it will be $895 I am hesitating, wondering what will happen if 2 new modules are released this year…or next year… It’s become a potentially risky investment financially (assuming I want to stay current with upgrades) since any new modules will inflate my expenses dramatically.

Heck, even with the XSI foundation offer (which granted is less “feature rich” than C4D) I know that worst case I’ll be looking at $495 a year for upgrades - at least it’s a “known” dollar figure.


You don’t have to take S&T. Noone forces you to make that deal. Just call Maxon and ask for an Upgrade price to your bundle without S&T.


In another two years, Maxon’s upgrades will be so complicated that they’ll have to offer special training seminars on how to upgrade your copy of Cinema4D :wink:

As I predicted however, their prices ended up being reasonable… but they allowed a lot of people to get rather annoyed because they didn’t have the correct information.

My guess is that in your situation you’ll only have to pay for the XL upgrade, rather than the Studio upgrade. I’m actually going to pester them about the possibility of upgrading to Studio, since the only module I don’t have is Dynamics. Of course, given how poorly received that one was, they’d have to make it quite a good deal in order to get me to bite :slight_smile:


Maybe I’m stupid, but I still don’t get one thing. What’s the deal with the module upgrade handling fee?

My understanding was that a single fee would be applied to upgrade all of your currently owned modules. Just like the 8.5 upgrade, it would only upgrade the modules currently installed. So… If I just owned the r8.5 XL bundle it would upgrade just those module. Would an extra fee be required to upgrade S&T and BP2, purchased independent of any bundle? I don’t get that.

If so, then the price would be $595 for the XL upgrade minus the $50 since I own 8.5, but PLUS any extra fee to make make modules like BP & ST, that’ve seen no significant feature upgrade, compatible with R9.

That’s some wonky pricing. For that, I might just stop using S&T altogether and keep running BP2 under R8.5, only using it to handle the texturing of exported/imported meshes.

Seriously… Maxon really should create an automated configurator script to handle the upgrades online. It would make everybody’s life easier.


Just wondering what this handling fee is, because I spoke with maxon and specifically asked if I would end up shelling out cash to have BP2 and S&T run on XL9 and was told no. Obviously there is the shipping and sales tax which gets tacked on the upgrade price.


That’s honestly not the impression I got when speaking to my sales rep. However, for clarification I just fired off an email asking this question specifically. I’ll let you know the reply.


So why is there not a price for this in the Maxon shop?
Why do we have to call to get an upgrade price for a Studio Bundle?
I bought a Studio Bundle I expect to have a REAL price for it.
If I buy Maya Complete 5, I will not have to pay “extra” for 6. There is one and only price, even if Alias added new tools. I don’t care if Maxon decide to add S&T or any other moduel to the new bundle. If I buy a bundle I expect to get an upgrade for it, without different price.
So now for those who didn’t ask this question and have already order their upgrade studio bundle they will pay for S&T, even if they didn’t want it.

No Good Way To Make Business.

As usual.


Every new item in the shop makes maintaining it worse. If you don’t find what you are looking for just call Maxon.