R9 - The finer points


A few nice things for the regulars:

Q: How easy is cloth?
A: This easy: www.3dfluff.com/r9/cloth.avi (divx 3 megs)

Add a cloth tag to the cloth. Add a collision tag to anything else. Press play. Optionally add some cloth nurbs for a smoother surface and thickness.

Dual and triple planes for mac users. This super low quality screen capture (:P) shows a fully smooth editior speed with a 4 million polygon scene.

Some nice high quality iso-lined gouraud AA display modes :slight_smile: with HUD

www.3dfluff.com/r9/position.avi shows that you can now directly add objects as children, as parents or inline with modifier keys.

www.3dfluff.com/r9/hud1.avi shows the nice new very customisable HUD.

www.3dfluff.com/r9/convert.avi You can now instantly convert one selection to another type without using that dreadful dialog box :)))

www.3dfluff.com/r9/hnedit.jpg and some sub division editing


thanks mash…position.avi is a winner…very cool and something once you start using you’ll not even notice it. convert is friggin crackin bud…i’ve been using cts for an age…heh heh and could never understand why it wasn’t integrated. for this release the devil really is in the details for regular c4d users…sure cloth will pull the punters…but its stuff like this that will make you grin when using it.:thumbsup:


quick question i forgot about…why do you use a cloth hypernurb object…why can’t you just use a normal hypernurb object?


HN work by smoothing the surface, the resullting object will always be smaller than the original cage. With cloth this would make the cloth penetrate into the colliding object. The cloth nurbs keep the mesh outside, allow thick ness and do some other funky things.


I love it, it all looks fantastic, i’m intrigued.

What I can’t stand though (it’s a personal thing) is all this waiting for the release date now, twiddling my thumbs where as I should be getting my head around all this HUD stuff and all the new modeling tools.


The same thing happened with 8.5, It caught my eye and then I had to wait 2-3 weeks before I was able to dive in. It didn’t turn out to be a big deal, but still.

Anyways, thanks for effort. I enjoyed the samples.


A quick question.

Does cloth pretty much react with everything?
I have in mind invisible influences, like a rug being dragged through a hole in a room for instance.
Does it have restrictions? Because when you say cloth, i’m thinking it could be used for a great many things, including liquid, skin/hair dynamics, etc.


My first double post - hang my head in shame - i did quite well though - 427 posts before it happened :slight_smile:


Position avi is long awaited - very nice

Cloth - mmmm

Hud - i love it!

The isolines (on the HN pic) - this was my only real thing i wanted back when people were making requests!! - i never thought i’d get it though!!

EDIT - question - on the HN pic - showing the isolines - can you turn off the smaller subdivided polys showing through?

Whens the demo already :slight_smile:


that has just made my day :buttrock: :buttrock: :buttrock:


Sure, just keep prancing about with your fancy Macs… :smiley:


Really happy for you mac guys. The ones that use OSX that is. It took a long time of frustration, but now you get the reward for your patience and faith.

hehe (mean little laugh):
You may consider this to be “the return of the Jedi”, but some others will consider this “the Empire strikes back”. Or “The revenge of the Sith”.


forget all that, and start counting the days before you can use all this.

Dualplanes is really great!





Good good!

whats the number for?


CGTalk now have a minimum post length of 10 characters


Every Polygon Object, deformed or not.



So who needs Syflex again? :smiley:


i wonder how it would fair in a head to head…?

(what looks nice about it is its simplicity…)


Well, it might make the guys that spent megabucks on Syflex jealous :wink:


Maybe. But Syflex 3.0 could be something even more special. But for most users the cloth in C4D is probably all they will ever need or want. I could see people animating in other apps and using cloth in C4D. I wonder if it is possible to export baked cloth animation to FBX?



True, but that’s no reason not to tease the people who paid thousands for it :wink:

But for most users the cloth in C4D is probably all they will ever need or want. I could see people animating in other apps and using cloth in C4D. I wonder if it is possible to export baked cloth animation to FBX?

That would be interesting. I suppose it ought to be possible, by creating keyframes for everyframe, though that would make for some rather large FBX files. There’s probably a more efficient way to do that, though.