R9 : Q. on Viewport background image


Just playing with a background image in the viewport… :thumbsup: for the lock aspect ratio.

Q. ‘Rotation’, ‘Transparency’ and ‘Alpha mode’ are greyed out in : AM > Viewport > Back.

What do I need to do to ‘ungrey’ them :slight_smile:


Mike A.


Switch to Left, right, top or front view, since it does not work in perspective.


Hi Srek,
This was in front view. I can load and image and all controls other than the three I mentioned are OK. It’s just those three that are greyed out.

I realise no background image in perspective view - in that case all the related controls are greyed out.

Mike A.


this enhanced options does only work if you switch opengl on! … the software shading doesnt support this featues …



Tilo & Srek - I’ve got it - many thanks. The whole background image set up is much, much better in 9. I’m really impressed with the workflow improvements throughout the application :thumbsup:

Mike A.


I second that emoticon. :thumbsup:


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