R9 : N-gon import from FormZ possible?


Ever the optimist :wink:

Does anyone know if it’s now possible to import models containing n-gons from FormZ directly into r9 without triangulation?

Mike A.


Hi Mike,
I doubt it, as the import formats you would normally use with FMZ , that is 3ds or dxf ,do not support this ASAIK. I think you would have to melt the extra edges ni C4D. would be nice though…

  • on a siilar note, does anyone know if the FbX format supports ngons?


Hi jp,
There are some common FZ - Cinema formats that do support n-gons, DXF does.

I’ve tried a few options but with zero success so far - although I have managed to import a FormZ n-gon based object as a grouped series of closed linear splines - one for each face.

So… is there an easy way to go from a multi-point linear spline in C4D to a n-gon?

Mike A.


Actually, DXF does not support Ngons - it will triangulate/quad your mesh. Try reopening a saved dxf in FMZ ( without the join adj option turned on) , you will see what I mean ( same thing in Autocad). In FMZ you do have the option to “Join adjacent Coplanar faces”, which does create Ngons, but this is part of FormZ’s fnuctionality, not the Dxf format’s.
I would suggest importing the objects, then melting the edges (can be tedious though…) There is a plugin called Flush Select, which allows you to select adjacent faces at once. Perhaps it works with v.9 as well…
If you are importing splines, then you could put them in an extrude nurbs, extrude value 0,0,0, Save Current State, then melt the extra edges… However, I have found until now ( v8), especially with imported 2d spline esp. rounded ones, that it is often easier to used the imported lines as a template, and redraw with C4d 's tools.


My error - you’re right. Was I thinking of obj?

I understand and agree with the melting, flush select options etc. But from what I’ve seen of R9 I’m hopeful of rigging up something better.

Mike A.


The .obj file format does support n-gons… my new Riptide plugin was written before my knowledge of R9, so it triangulates n-gons on import, but I will be making an R9 version of it that will support them.

  • Keith
    Red-i Productions


Sweeeeeeeet! Thanks for that. Your plugin has been very useful to me already :thumbsup:


That’s sounds great.

I’ll send you a few small sample obj’s out of FormZ that you can have a look at.

Mike A.


Hi Keith,
that sounds really good,


Thanks, I can whip up something in Wings3D to test with, but having a few (small) samples from that app would be helpful too.

  • Keith
    Red-i Productions


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