R9 + Mac = Dual planes


Update OSX to the latest version and run R9 and mac users will now have dual planes :slight_smile: Works really well on the radeon cards.


G5 enhanced AND dual planes. What’s next - support for Shake and Motion? Good news in any case.


Forgive my ignorance, but what exactly is “dual planes”?


indeed, i don’t know either…
i have a g5 dual 2ghz / 4 gig ram what will +/- be my speed increase?


Holy shmenkies!

I saw that OSX updated today with radeon enhancements–but thought dual planes would be too much to expect on a day like today. I’m floored.


Dual planes allow you to work in a 10 million polygon scene at 100 frames per second when you are only adjusting simple - medium geometry objects. Check my new post in a few minutes


dual planes are a buffer used when you interact with objects in the scene - the example maxon have used is if you have a ten million poly landscape and animate a hundred poly plane flying through the scene then using dual planes during playback would only update the hundred poly plane and not the full scene.

similarly if you were modelling a complex object but needed to move a couple of nuts and bolts into position then the graphics card would only be redrawing those tiny objects and not the full scene all the time using dual planes.

obviously if you then decided to pan the camera the whole scene is changing (not just a tiny part of the scene) and dual planes would offer no speedup here.

cheers, simon w.

p.s. hah! beaten to the punch by a measly minute!


i think this day will make history… v9 / modo / motion…
moneywise :argh:


Thanks all for the clarification.

I recently ordered my new dual 2.5ghz G5, so any Mac+Cinema news gets my attention. Like R9 being G5 optimized…woohoo! :bounce:


will this include my 9800 pro card? or only the new one’s out?


I beg 4 shake support.





I searched on the ATI-site but cannot find information on the new XT-cards. Do both the 9600 XT and 9800 XT support dual planes? And what about the Nvidia 6800 DLL Ultra ?



Yes, yes, don’t know (should do though).


Thanks! :thumbsup:


i am a bit confused. we (c4d/and/or/mac user) already have this feature (only the active objekt redraws), or is it a different technique?


The featuer was available to PC users using nVidia and some Radeon cards (depended on drivers), but OSX didn’t support it until the recent update.


hmm so why is it already fast here (G4, Radeon9000, latest 10.3.x - millions of polys)? you say its faster? holy sh*** :smiley:


Well it doesn´t kick in on my 2 x2 G5 (old top end)… The option is still greyed out.
I haven´t been able to confirme if it should work w. ATI9600PRO.
Otherwise, another €-forkout… most likely worth it tho as it seems.



hmm greyed out? we are talking about this?–>