R9 Hidden features ;)


Seems we forgot to mention a number of “smaller” things from R9 on the website.
Well, here is a list of things that came to my mind.

  • No Active Tool Manager any more, it has been replaced by the AM who can be used in multiple instances if you liked the old worklfow

    • Drag & Drop for most Text input fields (Selection Restrictions etc.)
    • Animation in the AM by using the red dots / circles for each property
    • Almost every animatable porperty can be used in the new Head Up Display
    • Mouse centred Global Popup with the most common commands
    • Tearable menus for fast interface adjustment
  • Head Up Display for many viewport and scene informations as well as nearly every object property. Properties can be grouped and modified as well as animated in the viewport

    • Wastly extended viewport options
    • Multi Key shortcuts


    • Highlighting
    • Tweak mode
    • Auto Switch mode
  • Brush Tool (Smear, Pull, Surface, Normal, Repel, Spin, Twister, Vortex and Smooth for modelling, Paint, Blur, Intensity and BLeed for Vertex weights) Several Fallof options including User defined

    • Iron
    • Slide
    • Stitch & Sew
    • Collapse
    • Bevel with user defined spline
    • Close Polygon Hole
    • Measure & Construct
    • All older tools have been completely overhauled all of them now interactive.
    • Selection functions: Loop, Ring, Outline, Fill
    • Easier selection conversion by using qualifiers when switching modes
    • Multiple Object modelling
    • Isoline Editing
    • Deformed editing
    • N-Gon on/off option for most tools
    • Pivot point


    • Cached soft shadows
    • Increased Raydepth (500 instead of 50)
    • New Fresenel Option for more realistic glass
    • Sub Polygon Displacement with different smoothing options (can replace HNs in some situations)
    • Displacement now with Intensity, Intensity (centered), RG, RGB (local/world), 16 Bit per channel support

    Character Animation

    • New fast Hard-IK
    • Faster and more predictable Soft IK
    • IK / FK Blending
    • Auto IK Lock
    • Pole Vectors
    • Motion Blending with ghosting
    • Motion retargeting to match motions to different skeletons
    • Tearable Cloth
    • Cloth NURBS that allows to give cloths thickness
    • Posemixer is now a Tag and more powerfull then ever :slight_smile:
    • Quaternion interpolation (three variations)

    Import Export

    • RPC
    • Combustion, Final Cut
    • NXN Alienbrain

    I’m sure i missed out many details though :wink:

    Have fun


    • G5 Optimisation
    • Optional Fin display for bones
    • Cachable Cloth
    • Selected Polygons can be excluded from collision
  • two Goodie CDs packed full with examples, scenes and high quality textures (Special thanks to Simon Wicker for many of them :slight_smile: )
    Edit 5:

  • Cached cloth solutions can be tweaked


center pivot?

Hardware rendering?


> center pivot?
I’m not to sure what you mean. We now have a completley adjustable modelling axis.

> Hardware rendering?



Being greedy ;)… how about:

Render selected area at 100% of output size?

Mike A.



  • Improved NURBS caps;
  • Polygon extrude now has a solid (caps) option (no need for MakeThicker!);
  • Shortcut for quantized movement/rotation/scale;
  • Alt-click to change both OM stoplights at once;
  • will think of more. :slight_smile:


is there any improvement to exporting to Flash ? You guys really did a fantastic job ! ngons, isoline display, micropoly, cloth, mocca2 I’m VERY VERY HAPPY ! THANK YOU !


Center pivot - an automatic function that would center the pivot on a selected object. That is quite a must for modeling. Maya has it, for instance. Maybe I just got sooo used to using it.

What about shortcut that would repeat last used tool/action/function?

No hardware rendering. Ok, will survive I guess. So many great stuff indeed!


Good to see these listed guys! - so many of these ‘minor’ tweaks, advances and additions are actually a big deal to most of us - it amazed me when 8.5 was released that quite a few of the new smaller features weren’t highlighted as much as they could have been.

Very impressed… and G5 optimisations… phwaarr! :smiley:


wow :slight_smile:

just another question though, is R9 going to be an upgrade file that will require 8 to be installed or will we get a totally new install?


btw - I saw mentioned somewhere about a fast preview!? - is this something like Sniper now built in?


hi shrek,

any changes in GI? eg message window about the calculated parameter witch help me set the best GI parameters for architectural renderings (eg. MR or Vray in Max)
or IES light / real sunlight system?



So true. It’s the big-name features that generate all the talk and excitement, but less sexy workflow stuff can have just as big an impact on your day-to-day work.


Thats the default behaviour of the modelling axis. You can easily switch between used tools with the arrows in the AM.


Any timeline improvements? (maybe I missed something)


Nope, sorry.


I saw Tweak4D has been implemented…
what about EasyClone? (clone points/edges/polys with a shortcut)? Any chance for that?


No need to apologize for what’s already turning out to be a kick@$$ release. :slight_smile:


man some of those workflow things you’ve posted in this thread and the other one just are great to finally see in the update seemed like maxon didn’t want to do some of that stuff…but they certainly came good on this one…the displacement stuff i just can’t wait to get my hands on personally. didn’t they do stuff with bevels also?

(the only thing they missed for me that i wanted was bucket rendering but having seen whats been implemented i can’t complain as they exceeded my expectations by a long way!)


As usual every major release can and must be installed seperately from older installations.
R8 and R9 can coexist on a system without any problem, R9 files can be read in R8.5 without any problems (new features will get lost of course).