R9 here we n-go ;-)


ngons! cool…

can i just ask Sub-Polygon Displacement is this like micro poly displacement or like normal mapping? the way its worded on the site it sounds like normal mapping rather than zbrush style…can someone in the know explain it to me which it is.

can’t get on the changed pdf…seems it a little busy atm…heh heh.

first impressions it looks very impressive indeed…well done guys.


It’s Micro Poly displacement. Check this (mediocre) test to check it out:

geometry: http://www.designexpress.be/Media/images/C4D9-010big.jpg
bump: http://www.designexpress.be/Media/images/C4D9-012big.jpg
SPD: http://www.designexpress.be/Media/images/C4D9-011big.jpg



okay, saw the ik-info together with the entire mocca-update… i drulled all over myself…


spd is displacement same as MPD, not normal mapping.

and no mesh surgery is not included and has not been integrated, or purchased/paid for by maxon.


go here


lots of info

Woo hoo im going to get it as soon as its out

This is great


They’re going to run out of bandwidth at this rate!

A couple of questions,
How long do you think before we can try the demo?
Have there been any improvements to GI?


Phew, Maxon’s web server is taking serious hits.


In addition to the big-name features, here are a few of my favorite little workflow improvements:

  • hotkey for quantize translation/rotation/scale;

  • Shift/Control-click modifiers for converting selections (example: in points mode, Ctrl-click on the edge mode icon to convert selection to edges. Shift-click to convert with tolerance);

  • Modifiers for adding items to the OM: Alt adds the item as the parent of the selected object, Shift adds the new object as child, etc.

  • Outline selection: select a group (or groups) of polygons, run the interactive Outline Selection command, and the edges bordering the poly selection are selected.

  • Drag-and-drop poly selection tags to restrict material to selection;

LOTS MORE! :slight_smile:


i thought it would be the proper one…so to speak…heh heh.
but its worded wierd on the website so wanted to check.

the amount of big updates is simply incredible to see…i’d be surprised if they missed anything of the discussion on here over the last year…simple stunning to see maxon take the bull by the horns and take user feedback in such a way…v impressed indeed.


OK–so literally, MS hasnt been fused with R9, but its key functionality has been integrated into R9 (looping and cutting feaures are now very similar)


Anyone also having problems with deadlinks and broken images, like the pdf file on R9?


… ok… well, atleast I won’t have to learn a new interface/workflow on moving to R9

C :hmm:


lol! i’m drulling (*drooling) here too


Same here… :sad:


sound quite cool everything:-)
connection to fcp great!!!
will shake folllow?

worth the update allone-cool!

what i dont get, alot of info in v9 thingy iare function already available in 8.5- or do i miss something?

did netrender get an update?
did dwg/dxf imprt get an update or dynamics( i guess cloth is a kind of soft body dyamics improved?



okay, drooling even :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m desperately trying to get my InsideCG editors to hook me up with a review. That’d be so cool. :slight_smile: I reviewed r8 and had a blast. Here’s hoping that Maxon and my editors can hook me up. :slight_smile:


DWG/DWF didn’t get an update. Same for Dynamics. Cloth(ilde) has nothing to do with the Dynamics module, it’s part of the MOCCA module. But in certain cases it can be used for dynamic effects, yes.



ngons!!! sweet zombie jesus, that’s as far as I’ve read so far, lol

dammit srek you did a good job of covering ngon comments in the other thread, crafty bugger :smiley:


Get in touch with Maxon, they can set things up.