R9 here we n-go ;-)


Works fine with shave.


thats what I wanted to hear–

heheheh, I am in heaven, 3d wise.



yeah I am MORE than sold too, I had hoped for a few things on my wish list, and was quite happy with R8.5 for my needs but this update is just TOO COOL :bounce:


Brutal Brurat Brutal …, this is the only word I can say.

I started learning some other big guys of 3D (Maya, Houdini, XSI), but now I feel Cinema alone will suffice me.

Thank u Maxon.

One question: is there a schematic view? if not is it possible to forge it somehow, eg by huds in a new viewport?
One more question: Huds can be placed by simple dragging an item’s tab (text) to the viewport?



I have a Question? this time ,Are there enough tutorials for this great Update???

  1. No there isn’t, Pauls Visual Selector is still filling this niche
  2. They are created by choosing “Add to HUD” from the context menu of one or several selected properties. Via Righ Click and Ctrl+Click they can then be moved/adjusted to your needs.


Several Tutorials are beeing worked on, they will be available when R9 ships. The demo will come with only a few (but nice) exampels.


Many controls from the AM can be shown as a HUD control, they are added via the items popup (right-clicking on the controls label in the AM). Custom controls are not available for the HUD, but the usual controls (sliders, edits, checkboxes) are.


Thank u guys


Not much for me to add to such a lengthy thread…but all hail the Maxon gods :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: It is great when a company actually listens to their customers and implements their greatest wishes! Unlike a few other recent releases cough, Maya, cough Max…where users are not exactly impressed with token added features. Maxon really has their ear to the ground. Everything I wanted and more is in there…ok so the timeline is not collapsable yet…nothing is ever perfect!

The thing that really impresses me is how Maxon adopt open standards into their apps. the interoperability with PS,AE, Final Cut etc is staggering…and now even fbx motions can be mixed within Mocca…cool! This update really does blow the “big boys” out of the water and other app users are gonna be mighty jealous :twisted:


thank you maxon, preview looks great. i will buy it definitely :-)))


the has to be the fastest moving thread ever.:slight_smile:

been talking to rafi about an upgrade to studio recently. i thinks its time to make that move.


I believe it was Plane light or something, a light that simulates it’s coming from a squar object instead of a point. I could be wrong but that’s what I believe I remember…

You can also bake your shadows this time, this way the shadowmaps don’t have to be recalculated every new frame :).


AFAIK there are no new light types.


i see now. 8.5 has nine types, i thought they were referring to some new ones on the website.

great upgrade though. looking forward to trying n-gons instead of using a cad model.


Hm I remember seeing a screenshot of some sort of new lighttype yesterday, I’ll look for it…


Question about isolines -

i see c4d 9 supports isolines (sweet), is it possible to have one object display the isolines such as a human figure and another object such as a car have the standard c4d 8 cage (both objects in Hyoernurbs)


I agree, Isoline Editing is a splendid idea. It will be a huge help to me for modeling.

How about Soft Selection while sculpting, a-la Mesh Surgery? Watching the videos on the Maxon site I couldn’t determine if the new tools covered all the bases that MS did. Also, with regards to rendering, I could never get AR to produce both depth of field and glow effects in the same render. Is that possible now? Or have I been doing something wrong all this time.
Regardless, there is enough in R9 to sell me on it. Can’t wait.


If it’s a display mode I would guess that they’ve added it to the display tag in the object manager,

would also like this ability :slight_smile:


Yes. :slight_smile:

But that message was too short for CGTalk, so blah blah blah