R9 here we n-go ;-)




DAMN YES!!! So I think most of us won those bets :smiley:



Srek you dog! You guys did an excellent job at deflecting the trickiest of posts. Now you can rest take a vacation or something. Awesome!!!


Whoooooo Hooooooooo!


ngon and cloth, can’t believe! :bounce:


Ngons, cloth, user-definable HUD (including viewport labels :)), much more powerful knife and bevel tools, tweak mode, new IK controls, and a whole bunch of smaller workflow improvements. Maxon really came through on this one. :thumbsup: :slight_smile:


Nevermind. My mistake.


Toss Mesh Surgery out the window. Still reading through. Very interesting.


where on earth did you read about the new ik-system? can’t find any informations about this (parts of the maxon-side is not working at the mo)

and four shadow-types?? soft, hard, area and?

:argh: i’m confused…


Hi Guys,

We just released a bit of R9 info on the website of the Dutch Cinema 4D distributor. Go to www.designexpress.be/indexNL.html, and check the news section on the right side.

As a teaser: a small and really simple cloth movie:


The text is only of use to Dutch visitors, of course :slight_smile:


What, no micro-poly displacements? Oh - they got them in there too :wink:

Is it my imagination, or did they ‘incorporate’ MeshSurgery?



oh yes, they did it. every single feature I dreamt of is in there

cheers mnu


If you have bought R8 after August 1. then you get a free upgrade.


Nope Mesh Surgery has not been included, the modelling tools have been completely overhauled and very much extended.


Verrry Nice!
I can imagine how Srek and the other Maxon people must be grinning from ear to ear now… :smiley:


well its all there but has anybody seen a price tag


As Srek said, Mesh Surgery wasn’t incorporated but a lot of its functionality has been built into the R9 core.


In New Jersey, this is equivelent to hearing Bruce Springsteen is going on a summer tour!!!

Seriously, WOW! I guess I should wait until they’re done uploading everyhint to the site. I keep getting errors…

Check out the Modules, too. MOCCA has also been updated…


The price tag is the same as before for the standard versions, except for the Studio Bundle: it now contains Sketch and Toon and as a result the price went up with around 200 euros. The price of the student version has changed (lower than before), and the prices of the seperate modules changed as well. The recently overhauled modules cost around 405 euros, while the older modules cost around 240 euros. Of course, pricing may differ in function of geography and currency conversion.

As for updates: that’s a bit more complicated, depending on the configuration you’re coming from.



Just the one or two small updates then? …