R9 G5 optimisations


Ok, can someone clarify what the optimisations actually are in R9, as from what I read in another thread in Postforum, they appear to make no difference to some render tasks over the previous version.

Srek, you said that the optimisations are there in so far as they were in Cinebench, which according to the benchmarks, makes the rendering speed around 20% faster than non optimised, whereas the example of a rendered animation in the postforum thread gives the same render speeds for both 8.5 and 9!?

Can you help us out guys - the new features in R9 are obviously great, but as someone that is waiting for a G5 to arrive, the one thing that might really swing me into paying out the rather large upgrade fee for R9 would be knowing that I can get the speeds Cinebench says I can! - so if it DOES speed up rendering, where is the evidence of that to be found in what settings/situations?



I’m not intimate on all the coding details, but optimisation will show most with soft shadows.


lol! - thanks Srek!, but can’t you clarify further? - I don’t need to know the coding details, just the laymans stuff!

So, a render without soft shadows, that uses purely hard or area would be completely unaffected by optimisations, and would take as long as non optimised then?

I use a lot of shoft shadowed lights generally, so this might be good for me.

Can the coders who dealt with the optimisations step forward and give us the info on where else we see benefits? pulllease! :bounce:


Sorry, i have no more Info on this.



Ok, thanks anyway - Hopefully it will become evident soon then - it all seems a little too vague to be accurate at the moment.


well, i mean topic must be changed to R9 G5 OptiMinimation :wink:


So who do we ask to find out what exactly has been optimised, and how much difference it will make in reality? - I want to know what has been done and how much it will speed up my tasks! :slight_smile:


Hi Kromekat,

I did some tests, both with rendering and loading/moving large files on my G5 and sadly
there was zero difference in speed. My thin ray of hope is that this is just a demo and the
production version will be quicker?!


Hi Shakes

Well this is the reason for my query - if Maxon are going to claim that Cinema R9 is now G5 optimised, then I want some clarification on what exactly has been done. No offence Srek, but ‘soft shadows’ is not really enough explanation. I’ll give Maxon UK a call tomorrow. :slight_smile:


what more are you expecting other than that R9 has the same optimisations as the cinebench beta that everyone wanted?

cheers, simon w.


I was just hoping for more render speed, like everyone was predicting.Has any one else
done a G5 pre 9/R9 speed comparison? as I said above, I noticed zilcho difference.


there is more render speed but it depends on your scene. maxon have incorporated the G5 optimizations that were in the cinebench beta version into R9. if your scene is like the cinebench test scene then you will see a speed up. if it isn’t, you won’t.

benchmarks are not able to plot every variable in the rendering pipeline so they can only ever give an approximation of the similarities and differences between systems.

cheers, simon w.


So I guess we were having the wrong expectation that every render would be 20 % faster. So it depends on our scene (soft shadows?). Sounds logical to me. On my G4 (waiting for my dual 2.5) I noticed a highly improved viewport performance. Did you G5 owners noticed the same?



I noticed it on my now lowly dual 1 Ghz G4… A scene with very complex Xpresso driving morph targets is now approaching usable…



I find this rather amusing actually. The Cinebench test states figures for rendering speed, and it’s by this that everybody compares systems. The assumption was that this then meant that the optimised version had re-written code, and enabled the render engine to speed up by 20% across the board. It was natural to assume (dumbly it would appear!) that the cinebech render tests would have covered most aspects of what was available, or particularly taxing in a standard render, and therefore the newly optimised renderer benefitted across the board also!

So did the programmers only enhance code of what was required in that cinebench render file only and ignore all else?

If so - when will the rest of the code get G5 makeover? : :buttrock:


hmm. it looks as though people are misunderstanding how this all works. didn’t we go through this same debate when adobe optimised photoshop for the g4/altivec instruction set? what happens when you optimise in this way is that you re-write the functions that run fast on that chip architecture so that they are optimised for that instruction set. now when the app calls those optimised functions they zoom along. obviously if and when those faster functions are called upon depends on your scene, what objects are in there and how they are rendered.

looking at it this way some scenes will have no speed-up, some will have lots, it all depends on the functions that run faster on the G5 than on the G4 (and that is down to IBM who make the G5) and whether your scene uses them.

the only way to get a blanket, across the board 20% speed up of your render is to buy a faster processor, everything else is just tweaking here and there.

cheers, simon w.


I do understand that, so given that we now know that some elements were able to benefit from optimisations and some weren’t, wouldn’t it be possible to find out which of those elements they were. Ok, so we have soft shadows - anything else? :slight_smile:

Not trying to be difficult here, but at the risk of repeating the same request again, I just want to know simply which things have been modified, and how much more could be and will be modified in further versions. !? :thumbsup:


> Has any one else done a G5 pre 9/R9 speed comparison?

3:15 (8.2) vs 3:00 (R9 demo) (G4 OSX10.3.5)

the GUI and opengl seems to be faster…

edit: ups, i didnt see “G5”… sorry


> I did some tests, both with rendering and loading/moving large files on my G5 and sadly
there was zero difference in speed.

ohoh i hope the G5 optimization is not only marketing! i will ask a friend to do some tests…


I’ve noticed a speed increase in moving objects in the viewport on my G5, but it’s the same story on my G4 at work, so I can’t really see any big G5 difference.One thing I’ve noticed since getting the G5 (it’s the latest 2 GHz)is that it crashes a bit in Cinema- maybe 5-10% of use, most often with Bodypaint2.it’s also crashed in R9. anyone else?

also, I haven’t tried a long render comparison let, most were only 3 minute renders.
I might try a big radiosity one tonight.