r9 demo download is a go


cinema 9 demo download up.Says 8.5 but really is 9



Thanks for the hint, I am downloading it now— just too curious, i gotta see it, heheh.



Create your scene in 8.5. Press save. Use SPD in v9 demo. Render. That’s all, you don’t have buy v9.0:)
Just joking…


using demo now, but the new HUD window alwalys on center of view port. I know it can moved ( from maxon site video ).

anybody know how? I hold & drag but can’t move it?


I only spent 5 minutes now trying and:

THIS IS AWESOME!!! (I ordered already but wish I already had the copy ).
logical and easy to understand without manual, micropoly is just— wow.

I am totally impressed.

Olli (back to work, quit playing)


Just hold down control and click on it…


thank you so much


holy crap this is awesome!

love the viewport changes, with isoparms, constant shading, and the little axis in the corner.
wow. hat off to maxon


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