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Hiya guys, STILL playing with r9 demo and just had a real Noob question. bearing in mind i’m only just starting to play with c4d, can some give me a quick run down on how i would setup and use a simple scene with cloth? ie just a sphere as a collision object and a falling cloth panel??

Thanks in advance


make a sphere. apply a collision tag. make a plane. apply a cloth tag. press play. be amazed.

cheers, simon w.


And don’t forget to make them editable :wink:


youve got to be kidding me. i couldnt believe how easy that was!:thumbsup:


even better make the sphere the cloth with a lot of stiffness.

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where was this when you animated tha falling pink piggy balloon eh


to cool…hello…
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Boinging stiffness… It’s all too obvious it’s saturday, eh?



Hi All

Yeh I have been here a long time ago. Hope to be back in C4D land for the next 6 months and try and do another short of somekind. Just have to learn this new software first :slight_smile:



Captain3D on a new short ?
Great news…


ha! captain3d! couldnt believe my eyes at first :wink: hope you are doing fine!

wondering what’s up at the postforum… havent been there for years!

regards to all of ya!


I’ve been messing around with this, and… wow. Clothilde is reason enough to upgrade to R9, all on its own. Nice work, Maxon!


Clothilde works on my duron 700 too! Ok so i can only do fairly basic things, curtains blowing in the wind, limited cllider objects, but I do get it in realtime. :slight_smile:


I have been playing with the cloth just getting use to the settings.
Has anyone come up with some settings that make a good table cloth?
Here is a pic of what I have and it does not seem to drap like a real table cloth.

I just used a plane object and droped it over a cube. The cloth seems to round off at the edge of the cube. I have bumped the cloth nurb setting up to 4 and still got the same. I also did not use the cloth nurb and subdivided the cloth 2 and 3 times. I think it should be more of a sharp edge around the cube.


The polygonsize of the cloth determines this effect. Either increase the mesh density (polygon count) or bevel the edges of the table a bit.


Regarding the table cloth, I believe it’s important to point out that despite of the wonderful ease with which we can do these cloth simulations, one still has the responsibility to make sure that the mesh topology and local resolution to some extent supports the desired result.


Right. As with all cloth simulators (at least the ones that I’ve used), more polys = better looking cloth. The trick is to play with the settings until you find something that renders fast enough but looks good. Fortunately, that’s not too difficult, because Clothilde is pretty damn fast to begin with.


So–do we really need the dynamics module anymore? Cloth can practically be modified for use in almost any dynamics situation–and without 50 settings that need to be tweaked again and again. Not to mention several times faster.


No, Clothilde can’t replace Dynamics. It’s aspecialized Clothing system with several limitations regarding usual Dynamics. Especialy if you want to influence Rigid Bodies (which do not exist in Clothlde, only colliders do) with Softbodies you need dynamics. Also Dynamics gives you much more control on the structure of softbodies.
Sadly you can’t have both good Cloth and good general dynamics in one package :frowning:


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