R8 glow-electric noise problems?!


Working on this new project I wanted to use R8 electric noise glow to get electro-magnetic sparks. On a sperate image it looks good (left) but on the total image, the glow also appears on other objects where it shouldn’t be.

I used almost transparant objects to put the glow on and used a buffer ID to make sure that only those objects would receive the glow.

As you can see on the right image the sparks are also visible on the water and on the curved tubes and ring on the ground.

Does anyone know how to get rid of this?? I would’ve expected when using buffer ID, that it wouldn’t show up anywhere else. Anyone???


Its probably being reflected in the materials bud,as opposed to the noise not being contained within the tagged object I assume :hmm:

Looks cool :thumbsup:



Ok Stu

I understand they would be reflected, but why would they ‘grow’ over the object bounds then?? or would that be a sort of glow of the reflection, causing this to glow again… and then reflect even more… and… and…


Doh!!! I should have looked closer at the image…

No I think your noise is escaping rather then being reflected bud.Either something is not set right or you have found an 8 bug I would say :hmm:

Whenever I have a problem like this I copy the object and materials to a new file on their own and mess around with settings,that way rendering is really quick.If you have lots of materials to copy just throw them on a null and chuck your objects in it and copy the whole lot.



being a post effect its definitely is not reflected :wink:

Not to experienced with the new glow, but I know a common visitor to postforum is so you may want to ask there, it does sound like one of two things if not both,the glow is often more visible around highlights which seems to be part of the case here, and the objects that shouldn’t have it may be set up wrong in the buffer, not sure how you set it up.


Well, it certainly has to do with the reflections so it seems, cause they are reflected, but the scale of the image also plays a role in it…

both images are exactly the same, the onlydifference is that on the lower image I zoomed in much more and here the reflections of the sparks are contained with in the object, whereas on the upper image the reflex spreads out.

But I don’'t think there is any parameter in there that let’s you adjust that!

And by the way, Kaiskai, yhe only thing you do for setting the ID buffer is adding a ‘Compositing Tag’ in the object window, where you can find a tab for the object buffer, so you only set the buffer for the object you want to include - this setting is also made in the glow window at the render settings.
The other objects than shouldn’t be ‘bothered’ with glow.
Do you have an address for that other forumthing you mentioned???

Thanx anyway guys


the forum is www.postforum.com the C4D section is at http://www.postforum.com/forums/list.php?f=6

as for your problem I have come up with a hypothesis, but whether I’m right or wrong, I’ve reported this thread as a bug report to maxon they’ll see it perhaos today but definitely on monday.

My theory is that your right it does do reflection, but being a post effect its simulating the reflection and when zoomed out it ins’t nearly as accurate as when zoomed in, this is the same issue as when using highlights which can reflect as well if the highlight is bright enough to make the reflection highlight.

so to do your whole image properly you would have to do a larger render and scale it down. We’ll see what maxon has to say about it


Thanks Kaiskai!

that’s what I think too, but the problem is that the image is going to be part of an animation, so that’s a lot of overkill, having to render that at probably twice the size and then scaling down again (my idea for it is to go to 720x568- DV)

I sure hope that Maxon can come up with something - thanx!!!



Sorry–can’t answer your question, but just out of curiosity, have you ever used the free plugin “bolt classic”? It creates this effect automatically with a jagged spline pipe. I think your method is nicer and more ethereal though.

Heres a link to a movie I made a few years back.



Hey Joel, your movie looks pretty cool too!
No I had never used Bolt Classic - I was about to use it, but it seems to have problems with R8 that I use - it’s giving memory problems, but I have enough memory in my machine…

And yes, the new ‘Electric Noise’ from the Advanced Render module does look promising, although I haven’t tried it in animation yet - and apart from the problem mentioned above that is…


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