R3D to nuke workflow



I am fairly new to compositing and nuke. I have been delivered .3d files from a red cam and am kind of at a loss. Can someone point me to some info on workflow with these files in nuke? Ive scoured google and come up with nothing helpful.



Is it a lut file? is that .3dl or .3d?


Or is it .r3d?


Ohhh sorry It is a .r3d file


Nuke 5.2 and above loads r3d files in a read node. Is there anything specific you are looking to know? The manual does have a section on r3d files.

Quick note though like any movie file format it is much slower then dealing with image sequences since you have to load whole frames or group of frames instead of individual scanlines. So I would suggest if you have the hard drive space that you write out linear exr files.


Do you mean write them out from nuke or from Redcine or whatever its called? Also as far as colorspace, when I import the footage, should i leave the colorspace to whatever the default is on the read node and then change the viewport to sRGB? Then when I write out choose linear on the exr?

Also Im in PLE maybe it doesnt support red



Well I got in contact with the DIT. Here is what he said:

"Here is the spec, the only thing I might add would be the debater setting, which was Half (good). So, in summary, the footage was transcoded to:

Apple ProRes 422 SQ, Half (good)"

Any ideas??


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