R34 test render


Hi! everyone! I am new here, I am a oversea students who study in Australia, but I am a chiese, I really love lightwave and 3D desigh like all people around here.

this pic is my currently working object, and just a test render,

please have a look and give some advice.


Looks great to me, I am by no means an expert…

However your car surface looks… odd

Plus the spoiler on the back doesnt seem to mix well with the rest of the car. kinda looks a little too tall?



thank you very much!

I will fix something as you said.


I agree with milqman…something looks off with your car’s surface, though I can’t quite put my finger on it. Are you using the BRDF shader? That will allow you to get the look of a low-gloss “undercoat” mixed with a high-gloss “finishing coat”. Leigh, our resident texturing goddess, would probably be able to help you out a little more in that department. I also think it’s a little too reflective overall. Maybe you could add some more contrast to the lighting as well…right now it’s rather flat and drab, in my opinion.

The modeling looks pretty good, though. Keep working on this…you’ll get there!


I use “FastFresnel” for my texture shader, is it sometihing wrong?


No, there’s nothing wrong with the Fast Fresnel shader, but I usually prefer to use gradients instead. It’s a little bit more work, but they tend to give you more control over the desired look that you’re going for.


yes, I will use G.texture later, now my my work is setting different colours and add more texture and then to see what is differents between them.

this is a screen cut from layout, I change the colour.


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