R25 observation regarding numerical adjustment in Attribute Manager


So I notice that the way in which you can adjust numerical values in the Attribute Manager has changed in R25. I like the way that you now scrub left and right in increase or decrease values instead of up and down. I always found that scrubbing one way would work, but I was always limited in the other direction by the top or bottom of the screen (depending on the position of the window pane).

The thing I’m now finding difficult is that if you want to tap up or down with the arrow keys to increase or decrease values, the scale of the increments depends on where you have placed your cursor – as opposed to the old method of pressing Shift+Arrow to move by larger increments. I’m finding this new method a bit too fiddly and hit-or-miss which is actually making it slower and more cumbersome to work with, which kind of goes against the point of it IMO.