R24 bugginess anyone?


Anyone been using Cinema 4D R24 for production? We just migrated to it from 23 and noticing a lot of bugginess. Crashes, weird glitches. And for some of us–we can no longer open earlier versions. Also if I dbl click a file it opens a different version of c4d (even if I change the selected exe open properties). :neutral_face:


if anyone was interested–we did hear back from tech support that the issue with opening the wrong version of c4d when double clicking a file is a bug stemming from MAxon naming each version of the c4d exe as “cinema 4d” and not including the differentiating release number. (always thought that was annoying and showed lack of understanding of the user experience on Maxons part). As a result of maxons app naming convention Im usually pushed to recreate the icons in my taskbar with the verison number baked into the icon. One thing that Adobe got right by comparison.