R23 - materials icons changed to question marks


Think this is something to do with the new nodes system, but all my material icons have changed to question marks. How to return to regular materials please? Thanks for any pointers.


The material icons (which display a preview of the material), or the material tag icons in the Object Manager? The latter show a question mark when there is no material connected to them.

R23 still supports the old materials, and to my knowledge there is no automatic conversion to node materials when you import old scenes. So, I don’t know what happens on your system?


Thanks for replying. This is definitely something I’ve done, materials were the old versions but I’m sure I’ve hit a hotkey or pref that converts them on open. Argh!


If you accidentally converted them (I don’t know the proper workflow there), and the conversion killed the links from the tag to the material, then you will need to restore them all manually… I don’t know a method to reconnect tags with a lost material (the tag wouldn’t know what material it belonged to, so this is a systemic problem).