R23 and cinebench 23


When you say superior do you mean not as fast and more expensive than AMD?

Shipping low power high performance CPUs is their comfort zone but can they ship CPU/GPU combos that can compete at the highest level? Personally I’d wait to declare Apple victorious until they ship hardware that can beat current Workstation hardware. or whatever level of hardware you personally are interested in.

Apple is believed to have a 16 core 64GB ARM chip ready but that’s still not high end. Can they produce it in volume and not at eye watering prices? It’ll be good, no doubt, but really high end no. My next workstation build which I’ve put off until AMD ships Zen3 Threadrippers and nVidia ships 7nm variants of Ampere will be 32 core, 256GB and 2 or 3 3090 equivalents. Apple won’t be shipping anything near as powerful as current gen tech let alone what will be available in a few months for a long time. Then, as I said before, the 5nm chips will be upon us quicker than ever.

Apple has demonstrated, low power high performance chips and I agree they are impressive for what they are. This does not translate into a win across the stack. It’s way too early for laps of honour.

Apple main seller is the Macbook Pro line so I would think most of their eggs will go in that basket. The iMac is a good seller but the iMac Pro and Mac Pro are rounding errors in terms of sales. How much enthusiasm and will is there at Apple for these product lines?


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I already said…I don’t use Macs for 3d work. No plan to. But your little inner jihad never shuts off, does it?

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Congratulation ICM. In some ways I’m pleased to have helped.


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