R23 and cinebench 23




They say the new macs deliver industry leading speed and power, and a world class workflow.

I’m a mac fan, but really?


wow that was really fast Maxon!
In apples keynote every 2nd screenshot was from c4d (ok every 3rd)

I ordered a macmini today, i dont expect workstation speed but I’m really looking forward to it.
I’m just a hobby user, and at the moment I’m on a intel macmini 2018, intel graphics really suck. Accoding to apples docs, the m1 graphics should be somewhere around a nvidia gtx 1050 which would be really nice.
CPU speed, I have no clue.


Will the GPU in the new M1 Macs support Metal GPU renderering, ie Octane and Redshift? Anyone else thinking the RAM limitation will be a massive bottleneck?


Anandtech has found that the a14 (in the iPhone 12) does literally have the third fastest CPU cores in the world:


"In the overall SPEC2006 chart, the A14 is performing absolutely fantastic, taking the lead in absolute performance only falling short of AMD’s recent Ryzen 5000 series.

The fact that Apple is able to achieve this in a total device power consumption of 5W including the SoC, DRAM, and regulators, versus +21W (1185G7) and 49W (5950X) package power figures, without DRAM or regulation, is absolutely mind-blowing."

…and that the M1 will likely top all other CPUs. The graphs showing performance relative to intel are startling.

So yes, this is a big deal.


How can I get the service pack ?
Help -> Check for updates isn’t offering it.
If I follow the above link, all that’s offerend is full installers ?
I’m on an R23 Perpetual License


The first geek bench scores are in, and these macs are twice as fast as my 12 core 5.1 Mac Pro in single core and multi core performance, incredible. Might have to buy a new mac mini with educational discount via my son to have a play, Gotta be worth it at £799!


Just did some sums, and if you are someone who uses Physical or another CPU renderer, you could buy a master mac mini M1 and two slaves, run them using team render, and for £2897, you would have a machine that outperforms the 28 core Mac Pro at £12,499.



That £2900 would also get you a fully decked out 32 core threadripper system which is the speed of x7 mac minis, but without all the lag of team rendering over so many machines, so really about the speed of x8 mac minis. If you dont mind building yourself you could actually make 2 barebones 32 core TR systems as render slaves for that same money, giving you 16 mac minis worth of speed.

Im just saying, don’t buy macs as render slaves :wink:


Doesn’t run OSX though does it :rofl:

I was only comparing macs, but anyway…

Where do you get the speed of 8 x mac minis? The new mac mini scores 1687 single core score, 7433 multicore on Geekbench.

The 3970x scores 1255 single core score, 22729 multicore. I make that 3 x faster on multi and slower on single.

Until the c4d viewport is multicore, 1 x mac mini will run it faster.


It would still be a bad plan either way, with limted RAM, all the faff & overhead of Team Render & plenty more wires running everywhere. Not saying these new systems are bad for what they are but a mini-render farm is not what they’re good for. I say this as someone that actually used a mac-mini render farm years ago. It was sub-optimal then for the same reasons.


Over at the Cafe, Dave McGavran just mentioned in a thread that they expect Redshift will be able to run on the M1 chip. That is interesting.


What matters are the improvements in Redshift or any other usable render. Certainly not in legacy stuff.


I can’t get this download either. I see the full installer as well


I just downloaded & installed the full installer & it updated my version. Note that my install is in the default path though. I’m not sure if they expect to offer it on the auto-update, or if this is a new & exotic punishment for being on perpetual license.


They specifically say "The installation of this service pack requires a completely new install "

So, the full installer is meant to be the only option as it seems.


My 3d/motion graphics work is on PC…and will stay on PC.

But honestly…this does seem to be the beginning of a massive plate tectonic shift for the entire PC CPU industry. Intel is getting absolutely pummeled from all sides.

My only advice to folks is: wait for more info…and for other users to be the guinea pigs.

I still emphatically believe GPU performance is king for 3d, but will always keep an open mind.


Cool, thanks Eric, so this is intended. I don’t really have any complaints, it worked fine & fixed the only bug that’s really annoyed me - the ‘split’ command’s matrix problem.


Otoy tweets:

Octane X - PR4 for macOS Big Sur wil be out this ThursdayRed exclamation mark symbolw/ full OSL & features on
@intel SkyLake, @AMD Polaris, Vega, Navi and Big Navi GPUs! #Octane X for @Apple
** M1 GPUs (it’s fast!) will be available as beta in tandem w/ the release of the new #AppleSilicon Macs!**


Redshift open beta for Metal is also now available:




Still def some tweaking to do but so far pretty nice :smiley: