R21 Service Pack - When?


Hi Wilfried,

I used always Windows scaling (which was the reason the node editor was unusable in R20). There is a sharp rendering in R20 in the viewport. But not in R21. Same machine, two parallel installed versions of C4D.


Feel free to contact Maxon’s support and file a report with your machine config, window scaling and an example scene - and ask support to forward it to me …

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Hi Wilfried,
opened a ticket 5 minutes ago (946-069).
Thank you!


I didn’t realise that 2.1 had been released and is no longer Beta.

Now that Maxon have adopted the Subscription model there’s absolutely no impediment to them bringing updates ASAP. Let’s see how long it takes for C4D customers to get ProRender 2.0.


Think I was just lucky when I checked and downloaded the new version. With C4D I’m on my last MSA so I probably won’t be getting anything for a while.


It’s still very much Beta unfortunately. It seems to have regressed from 2.0.162.

I did an overnight render with 2.0.162 last night and it was perfect. I don’t think I’d trust 2.1.1…

At least with 2.1.1 the Vulkan rendering modes can be used for output. The Medium quality setting is Eevee with raytracing so it could be a game changer when stable enough to use.

I don’t know where that leaves Mac support for these Vulkan modes, presumably there will be a Metal version. I understand Metal has raytracing support.


Yeah, I’m struggling with it a bit in terms of stability, but I’m increasingly hamstrung by the hardware. ProRender already supports Metal, but as for the future, who knows. It’ll be interesting to see how things look when Octane X and Redshift start supporting Metal as well. Hopefully we won’t have too much longer to wait.