R21. Rounded Edge Shader?


Hey! Here’s a quote from R21 features: “The Trace Multi-Ray node generates shading effects such as ambient occlusion, blurry reflections and rounded edges.”
Does anyone knows how to setup this shader properly through Nodes? Share this material setup please!))


I would be interested in that as well. Just another new feature you won’t find any examples for. Bevels & Field Force is covered to death in the few videos available, all the rest is up for guessing. Just the one image showing the frosted glass, that’s it. The same for other of the few actually announced features (the full list is much longer to be fair). I had hoped that Cineversity would pour it up after September third, but nothing. This is realy frustrating. There are some interesting new things in R21, but understanding how they work is not made easy.


Yes, Indeed!


Cineversity has really dropped the ball this year. Last year was great, but so far we’ve had three beginner tutorials (for all those lovely new subscribers) and a QuickTip. Whoop-dee-effin’-doo.


But also from Beta Testers there used to be dozens of videso in the past at this point. They are really doing all they can to keep the excitement low this year :frowning:


They’ve succeeded,


I’m trying to find ways to resolve by Get Context and watching at such example