R21 in one month...we'll know


After Redshift gets to Metal on Mac i don’t see any more reason for Prorender.


Except it’s another yearly rental. I hate renting a bloody renderer. Anyway, Octane will be free, so Redshift can do one.


Right, but just pointing does not make sense Maxon to have 2 teams developing render engines.


I don’t think we will ever see anything but Redshift as an additional cost. I don’t think it will be included with subscription.

Just a hunch.

@Darth_Mole - Octane will really be free on metal?


Agree. Now that we’ve seen how the CEO thinks, I believe he’ll approach it as a second ongoing revenue stream.


Octane will be Free if you are using 2 GPUs, if you have 3 GPUs or more you pay.


It would only take Maxon to say “We guarantee perpetual licences will stay” and I assume most people (Studio owners at least) wouldn’t mind the subscription, knowing there is an exit strategy if need be.

That’s like an insurance policy. You hope you’re never going to use it, but you know it’s there.

It’s Maxon’s silence about the future of perpetual licences which worries me most, not the introduction of subscriptions.


Octane was ever only free on the already free platforms (Unreal, Unity, Blender). Has it changed?


OctaneRender 4 free Tier FAQ:

A free version of Octane 4 will be released under a new subscription tier, limited to 2 GPUs maximum and only available in certain plug-ins.

When will it be released?

You can already use the full version of Octane 4 for free inside Unity. Other plug-ins, will roll out around Q1 2019, shortly after we complete all the work on the all-access multiple subscriptions.

What tools besides Unity will be supported?

Blender is next. We are looking at tools that are free to use, like Blender, for the free tier, but we may add others in time.

Either i misunderstood it and they are only referring to free software or they might add other payed 3d apps as well.


I spoke with Maxon and learned an important detail that may apply to some people here - you must have a current active MSA in order to convert to the 2 year 20% discount subscription deal. But you can’t go on subscription until it is available in September.

So if your MSA is going to expire before the subscriptions starts you need to renew your MSA now. Once the subscriptions are available you can then convert to subscription at the 2 year discount and they will apply the money you spent on the MSA to your subscription (you can get the 20% 2 year deal any time during your 1 year MSA period).


Depending on your version, the MSA may cost you more than the discount is worth though.
On the other hand, if you are going for the R21 Studio Perpetual, renewing the MSA makes perfect sense.


As stated, for one or two GPU use it’ll be free. However OTOY announced that: “The final and full commercial release of Octane X Enterprise Edition will be offered as a free license to customers purchasing the new Mac Pro.”

Which will be me :slight_smile:


Many of our Projects are made with different Software since 2012. And in the beginning (sometimes still today) we sometimes used the Demo-Versions when we found no other way to use or convert clients files.
Most (nearby all) of the Files we are working with are not based on Adobe SW today.
Don´t believe, that there are no replacements for PS, InDes, Illu, Acro, AE & Co.
And in many cases CS6 Master Collection is still all you need.
By the way, I can open every file I ever created, with it´s original SW - If it´s Freehand or what else.
But to be true - I mostly don´t work for agencies or artists. I´m serving most of my clients directly.
And if Adobe wouldn´t be that monopolist in the market - and many workers like you are dependent to whatever they decide - they would never had been able to come up with that Cloud Sh…t.


Even I share your attitude to Maxon’s plans:
That´s told that often but it´s not true.
Adobes MC was refreshed ca every 1 1/2 yrs. You had to pay round about 1500 € (GER) for the Update (Did that for many yrs). That´s nearby exact the same price as 18 mth of creative cloud on a yearly base today (1499 €).
But all the time you OWNed a License for Perpetual Fallback SW-Collection (…till today ; ).
In case of the other Suites (and that´s what most people used) owning was cheaper than renting.


last time i checked 50x18 was still only 900, not 1500.


CC for (commercial) Teams is 83,30 € inc VAT per Mth. Which is 1499,40 in 18 Mth.
MC Update f 18 Mth inc VAT was 1500 €.
(PS.: Even for Single Users - No need to change Licenses or so - It´s 59,49 € inc VAT/Mth)


since it’s business expense i don’t count the vat, so effectively i pay 50 per month. the first 2 years of sub they even gave me a discount because i was a master collection customer before and it was only 40 a month.


and regarding the argument of development slowed down at adobe after they went sub: it was already glacial before that if we’re being honest :smiley:


If I don´t take VAT into the bill MC Update was 1260 € every 18 Mth.
And taking given Discounts into the Bill is like comapring Apples with Pears.
So CC f Teams (only one compareable to MC) 18 Mth Exc VAT = 69,99 * 18 = 1259,00 €
MC Update was 1260 € exc VAT.
And most (nearby 94%) of the Users didn´t need all the Apps (MC).
The Suites Updates were much cheaper than CC renting-fees.


Personally I deplore subscriptions, I mean I bought the Adobe Production Premium Suite CS2 version in 2006 for as little as £260, and it still works today as it did then. That’s like 5 packages in one that have never been updated, with one exception and that was to buy Adobe Photoshop CS6 outright before they went CC, it cost £620…but it’s far better than being held to ransom with files and and an infinity of paying forever, and hanging from the hangman’s noose of how much that is and when… Sorry, I really don’t get why anyone likes the CC paradigm …