R21 in one month...we'll know


Yep that’s about the only “logical angle” I can think of at this point to justify dropping $8-12K on a computer. Basically that unlike all other computers you might buy (Mac or PC) the intention is not to replace it in 3-4 years but 6-8 years. Literally. Then it becomes more of a true long-term investment, in theory spreading the cost out over time / saving money later when you don’t buy anything new. Will still smart to part with that kind of money initially though. Definitely goes against the normal “computer purchasing psychology.” I wonder if they’ll allow car-style financing where you can pay whatever you want up front then the financing and interest is only the remainder. heh


Yeah, so many arguments against the new Mac Pro, so few arguments for it.

Still buying one, though.


Back on topic: now just 2 weeks away from the reveal.


Yeah sorry about that I derailed things a bit there.

We are getting close. Doesn’t seem like it’s been a year since R20 was released but that could be the Einsteinian relativity - aging thing at work (i.e. the older we get the faster time seems to pass).


Was digging around in Apple’s Metal documentation yesterday for the hell of it. One of the things I’m most interested to see is, when MAXON says they’re all aboard for Metal-optimizing the features in their app (where it makes sense, not everything needs to be GPU accelerated), is it going to be a major thing like a batch of features every release, or something more piecemeal.

I remember way back when Adobe started touting GPU acceleration in Photoshop and other apps, it was a pretty random collection where this one thing was OpenCL and this other thing CUDA, and they sort of added one or two a year in that fashion. In the end it didn’t bring a lot of benefit overall except in a few obvious places like video encoding / decoding. Hopefully MAXON’s approach is a bit more substantive in terms of quantity and consistency of how they apply it. Or even just visibility, letting us know where the work went in, big or small feature.


While drooling over the Mac Pro, I was doing the same thing. Pixar has said “We are thrilled to announce full Metal support in Hydra in an upcoming release of USD toward the end of the year,” Hydra is a blazingly fast screen renderer which uses OpenGL – but clearly for the Mac they will be using Metal instead. I wonder if this is something Maxon could use since it’s open source code.


I think we have good chances to see more node stuff. There are quite some nodes in the new material system, that would fit just finde in a compositer and the snapier media handling that was introduced with r18 or 19 would also fit quite well :slight_smile:


I agree. I find my c4d calendar looks like this:
Sept 1: New Version is Released. Play with it and study new features
Dec 15: I finally get all the plugins/scripts updated on new install and start using new version regularly
Aug 1: Next version is announced

The time from full adoption to announcement is 8-9 months for me. Hope to speed adoption process this year.


Maxon sent out an e-mail today about SIGGRAPH…they again mention Redshift and Mac. Hmmm…


Might be ready or getting there, those Redshift Devs work like they are on the colombian marching powder.


Xpresso… Nooooo. like more nodes and probable ability to edit nodes with python. Just like you can edit the node material nodes "I really hate having to write a new node when all I need is to edit a node. ALSO what I hate the most is having to drag things one by one when I have 100 Stuffs. And I would love an auto wire ports that is the best that I think will be great for xpresso


This from the Maxon blog: “SIGGRAPH is right around the corner. Without giving away any spoilers, let me tickle you a bit about what we’ve got lined up for our 2019 show. First off, and most importantly, DO NOT miss our CEO David McGavran’s live keynote on July 30th, kicking off the first day of the conference. Like NAB, when he announced Maxon’s acquisition of Redshift, David has some exciting news to share about Maxon, Cinema 4D and our partners.”

Oh, now what? New apps, acquisition, buy-out? My nerves can’t take it. Time for the ‘Maxon buys Insydium’ rumours to start again…


Since we are just spit-balling here…

In addition to the Insydium, there are always the Adobe buyout notions…and I’ll put on my tin foil hat and roll out another unlikely one: acquisition by Apple.

It’s unlikely, but hear me out on why it’s a possibility:
-Apple will roll out the new MacPro in weeks/months and seems serious again about creative pros
-Apple hasn’t purchased any pro apps in a long time but there is history.
Apple is reported to release VR/AR glasses in next year or so and likely understands the importance of 3d as we move forward
-Maxon and Redshift have been ultra-aggressive with Metal support
-Maxon CEO’s curious statement.*

Usually company spokespeople stay away from preferential language regarding platforms, but …there was this:

"The new Mac Pro graphics architecture is incredibly powerful and is the best system to run Cinema 4D.” — David McGavran, CEO, Maxon

If Apple bought it I suspect they’d ultimately also add a lower end consumer 3d app, derived from the core.

List of previous Apple acquisitions:


I wouldn’t put too much value into a single statement. Perhaps Metal is really superior to OpenGL (I wouldn’t know, I never programmed anything for Metal). Perhaps David just wants a new Mac. Or perhaps he wants to please the Mac customer base. Who knows.

Over-interpretation of lone statements are probably the reason why Maxon was so tight-lipped in the past… there you go.


Yeah, I was surprised by the tone of his statement, but I suspect it was either just the influence of being recognised by Apple, or maybe – at the time of testing, and for one brief moment, it was actually true.

Just remember Apple bought Shake, the best compositing app on the planet, and destroyed it. I love the OS but I don’t want Apple anywhere near C4D.

Spitballing/dreaming mode: Maxon has given up fudging about with BodyPaint and buys RizomUV. Its code will form part of a new UV unwrapping and painting module further down the line.

Maxon buys SitniSati and FumeFX and Dreamscape will become part of C4D, providing gaseous fluids, plus realistic oceans and skies, filling some holes in its toolset. It will, of course, keep selling FumeFX, Afterburn and Dreamscape for 3ds max. With help from Maxon’s developers, FumeFX 6.0 is CUDA and Metal accelerated.

Of course, there are any number of apps and plugins it could buy and roll into R21/22. I wish Maxon had bought Allegorithmic/Substance instead of bloody Adobe.

Any other ideas?


Yep that statement also made my warning bells vibrate but the vibration started earlier because of the CEO himself doing the statement, i don’t remember any of other partners having the top guy doing a statement in that occasion.

Now reading the tea leaves this can go from Apple made a very favorable agreement with Maxon, to something more deep. or something completely innocent like him just being the new CEO wants to be rather close of things for now.


I said it (apple buy-out) was unlikely, so I clearly wasn’t making any conclusion or firm interpretation. I do like your notion that he just wanted a new kitted out Mac Pro, LOL. I too would DISLIKE an Apple buy-out.

Here’s the BEST dream scenario, IMO. Maxon announces the hiring of Tyson Ibele. He built TyFlow, which is the craze of the 3dMax world. The guy is a young Canadian…lives in Toronto. Maxon has R&D group in Montreal…maybe they could reel him in.

I would love this not only for the crazy simulations TyFlow it can do, but also for the fact that some of his code is GPU accelerated. And I’d also love him stolen away from the Autodesk universe.


I just read an article about greedy “influencers”, so it came to mind, but I suppose as a CEO he’s beyond my salary class anyway. D’oh.

OTOH I just got an ominous tweet by Maxon that the Siggraph keynote will be about “the future of Maxon and Cinema4D”. I am very worried now.


C’mon Maxon tell us you hired Ty!


The language in a Maxon tweet portends to something pretty damn significant.

Don’t miss our live keynote on July 30th, kicking off #SIGGRAPH2019! Industry-changing news from our CEO, @dmcgavra, about the future of #Maxon and #Cinema4D


My god, TyFlow is amazing. That’s one plugin from one person? Hire him, quick!