R21 in one month...we'll know


Absolutely agree with this. It’s the Modo model I believe. Once you no longer subscribe you lose all benefits effectively like updates and extras, but you still can use the software. So I envisage a time when I retire from motion graphics that I will cease to use C4D as heavily as I have. With the current subscription model all my work over the years will be locked. That’s what concerns me most. I don’t mind subscription but I hate the fact my work is held hostage


I wish I had your forethought. So I went CC because I actually think it’s great value for money. The tools are incredible and only get better. I often gripe about Adobe for their slow trickle developement,but for the life of me I can’t find a better photo editor than Lightroom. After Effects I use every day. For the money I can’t fault CC although a Video Centric and Design centric lower price subscription would be welcome. I think you might be missing some of the GPU related advances that a 2019 app would offer over a 2006 app, but if it works for you then all power to you. I commend your resistance




I used Hifilm 12, for the VFX in my recent film, essentially it’s like an After Effects clone merged with Adobe Premier and then there’s Davinci Resolve 1 2 I used also. So there are alternatives as a soul user if you look beyond the Abobe window… but for Photshop CS6, there’s really no equivalent that’s really as robust enough, And I’m looking at Affinity. Their Illustrator clone is worth looking at though…


There ever were Updates before Subscriptions take place. I don´t think, that there would be any difference in functionality if it´s named CS10… or CC. (and btw: the updates of CC through 7 yrs are not that mindblowing. Compatibility Issus are a part of the strategy, not the need) It´s not a question about the quality of the Apps. It´s the Question of how the tools are distributed. In the long run no subscription is cheaper than perpetual. But with subscription you loose the access to your work when you stopp paying.
CS6 was released 2012 not 2006.
Most of PS-Filters have the same code till today.
Which CC-App was (relevant) Empowered to use GPU since 2012 (beside AE, if you like to name it that) ???
Lightroom - Capture One.
5 absolute Must Have Killer Features since CS6 (Not even one a year in X Apps) ?


…are part of strategy not necesity


Yeah, found it buried here https://home.otoy.com/octane-x-wwdc2019/

And it even looks like could offload some the rendering to my iPad – although that’d be like adding a small lawnmower engine on the back of an F1 car.


Every time I see Otoy demoing it on an iPad, I scream inside a little. Just get cracking on the metal version for desktop! :wink:


Lol, yeah, me too. Being able to potentially render on my Hearthstone machine’s feeble GPU is super low down on my priorities!


Just to chime in another time: @Maxon: rent to own would be a nice model, even if with an added hefty price, please consider.

Also please consider, that you gained a lot of users switching from the Autodesk sphere exactly BECAUSE they went rental only.

So actually, maintaining both, subscriptions AND incremential Perpetual Licenses indefinitely is an economical ADVANTAGE you now have.


Re Octane X:

“The final and full commercial release of Octane X Enterprise Edition will be offered as a free license to customers purchasing the new Mac Pro.”

Didn’t know that - quite a tasty carrot.


Btw any news from Maxon? I don’t understand why Maxon does not have already some video, tutorials out for R21.

Edit: neither the Siggraph videos are edited, we have to scrub 8 hours videos…


I’ve skimmed through all the posts but I’m still a little vague on something: Since I own R20 can’t I just keep it and get a separate subscription to R21? Skipping whatever discount Maxon is offering but ensuring that I have access to all my older projects? I’m using Redshift (that I already purchased) so that’s per machine so it should cover both the R20 & R21 installations? I suppose there’s some difficulties with other plugins and serial numbers.

I keep an old machine with installations going back to R16 so that if I need to pull up an old project with some plugin I don’t use any more I have that option. How can Maxon prevent that on the older installation with out some sort of update that implements the new licensing system? Alot of people were complaining about giving up R20 but how can Maxon disable that (for older project access) without some sort of patch? Or is that in the works and I shouldn’t do anymore patches to R20?

IMHO - the new system that requires moving licenses around is probably my biggest grief. I have a workflow with a home and office machine. I’m a one man shop, I can only use one at a time. It’s my understanding it’s legit under the current MSA to have two installations as long as only one is used at a time. I can just walkup in either location and go to work without having to do anything. I ended up buying a second seat of Redshift because it was such a pain to move the license around and got hosed a couple of times when the internet was down and I couldn’t remote login to the other location to deactivate the license. I suppose buying(subscribing) to a second seat of C4D is an option but that brings up another level of pain in the ass’ry keeping up with multiple plugins and how does NET work and etc, etc. I know I’m whining but I have a good workflow and this new system is going to screw it up. I feel like I’m being penalized for being legit. My MSA is due and I’m not sure if I should even renew it or just stay with R20 until I figure something else out.


My understanding is yes, you can keep your previous perpetuals running without issue. I think you only lose a perpetual license if you have an R21 perpetual and choose to convert it to subscription for two years for the 20% discount.

Rick posted this on the C4D Cafe forum:

If Little Johnny has a perpetual R21 and later signs up for the 12 month subscription plan, he’ll see two licenses in his MyMaxon account - an R21 perpetual license with ‘unlimited’ as the end date and a subscription entitlement with a specific end date. Both licenses can be used - so effectively two machines can be activated at the same time. When the subscription ends, the R21 perpetual will still be there.

If Little Johnny has an active MSA and takes advantage of the discounted 2-year offer to convert to subscription, his perpetual license will no longer appear in his MyMaxon account. He’ll be able to use Cinema 4D for as long as he maintains his subscription. If at some point the subscription ends, he’ll lose access to Cinema 4D. The perpetual won’t be restored.

I’m not certain who this “Little Johnny” is, but he probably shouldn’t have given up that perpetual license for a 20% discount. Just my opinion. :slight_smile:

I agree with you on the new system. I’ve considered getting one last perpetual with R21, but with the new licensing system and the chance I’ll have issues in the future, I just can’t bring myself to spend that money. I assume I’ll continue debating this until the end of the month when I can no longer renew my MSA, and then after that date passes, I’ll feel relieved that I didn’t renew. Having the option for the next two weeks will cause a lot of back and forth/should I or shouldn’t I feelings, but that’ll disappear once the option is gone. I’ll then keep working in R20 while learning Blender (which will have Redshift at some point), and I can always get a subscription to C4D in the future if the features warrant it (but I doubt it will come to that).


Ha! I’m not sure who ‘little Johnny’ is either - I was just responding to a user’s specific scenario, and I wanted to make sure I was addressing the question directly.


Yes, that information helped. As always, thanks Rick!


Let me be more direct: is there going to be an update to R20 to have it fit into this new licensing scheme? (aka: the online check) Or is that from R21 and beyond? thanks


No there won’t be any updates to make R20 compatible with MyMaxon accounts. MyMaxon account support is for R21 and beyond.


“little Johnny” is a generic term for a child


Sounds about right for Maxon’s view of it’s customers these days