R21 - In dire need of 2 plugin functionalities - Anyone to develop them?


Hey folks,

I stripped my pipeline from all unnecessary plugins so far, but 2 functionalities are really needed in r21:

  • TrueSymmetry/Mirror Point Position - some sort of plugin, that allows to work on rigged, weighted, symmetrical characters, to deform them on poly level - in a symmetrical fashion.

  • Mirror UVs in the UV space like Skinprops does

Would anyone like to step in to develop this for R21? The original Plugin Devs seem not to pursure development anymore.

I would be a customer in an Instant :slight_smile:

thank you for consideration


PS: anyone knowing, if CV-AR will get a R21 update?


Hi, the Insydium Bridge fixed Cactus Dan’s Mirror-Tools and Welter’s UV to OBJ tool :slight_smile:

All that is missung now is Skinprops UV-Tools for UV mirroring etc.

But that is due to the licensing changes.


I will be adding mirror functionality to my Seamilar plugin, but cannot promise when exactly this will be available. There are enough features on my todo list to keep me busy for quite a while.


Hi mp-grafix, I can create you both plugins.

Contact me if you are interested in making the plugins


Hello peeps! Honor to be here :fire: I rad about the cv-ar for r21 question in this thread, is there anyone who could tell me some news? Would someone be capable to develope such things or refer me to a alternative?
Bests and hope you had a nice new year