R21 Hang on start


Is anyone else seeing occasional behavior in which C4D R21 WIN hangs on start (never getting past splash screen).
I am seeing it somewhat regularly .




Seems like it might be plugin related. Do you run into the same issue if you remove all plugins from your installation?


I’ve seen it now & then, though not so much recently.
It seems to needa windows re-boot to get it working again once this happens.


I agree with Donovan. Usually plugin related.


I will test this. Note that the hang ALWAYS happens during the “Initializing User Inetrface” step, well before Plug-in Step.

Since it is infuriatingly random, I’ll report back on testing when it happens again.


Remove plug-ins, update C4D and then copy back your plug-ins one by one. I was having the same error because of Cycles 4D.


Yes, there was an issue with Insydium Bridge, but with latest release is fine…
If you use it, redownload and reinstall from your download link.


In addition to others’ suggestions, it’s worth mentioning that the status update during start up usually reflects what has just happened. So if it freezes, it is still showing what step just completed, but is frozen on the new step which has not yet updated in the status area.

This is the way I remember things working with status updates and code logs, etc. May have changed since I was into dev work.


Was still seeing the lock up–seems unrelated to plugins.

Today there was an update for C4D that referred to licensing fixes.
And since updating, have not seen the issue.