R20 stuck on "intializing" after force quit (MacOS)


had to force quit R20 and now it just gets stuck on “initializing…” forever when I try to launch it.

I have a support ticket in to Maxon, but just in case someone knew of a quick fix like deleting some pref file or something like that I thought I’d ask here as it may take Maxon a while to get back to me

I’m on 20.057, MacOS 10.13


Were you starting a render? If so what rendering engine?


Had the same thing. Turned out to be a corrupted plugin.
Try to startup with an empty plugin folder then add them one by one to find out which one is the troublemaker.


and don’t forget to restart the OS as well. If a plugin caused the crash, it may be “running” in the background


It turned out to be a plugin (actually zBlur with the Insydium bridge)

it has been in my plugins folder all along and I’ve used it many times - but after this force quit it became a problem. I was not using it at the time (no idea if that matters or not)

And all I was doing was saving an AEC file from a very simple scene - and I discovered if the save path is the same as the C4D file it works fine, but if the save path for the AEC is going to some other folder C4D will hang. Happens in both R20 and R19