R20 Plugin Updates and Replacements


Great! Thanks for the info. All I need now is an R20 serial from Maxon… tap tap…


The excellent material converter from Poligon appears to work in R20.


thanks for your efforts. true symmetry is a fantastic plugin, would be a shame if it would die. i’d also be happy to pay for an r20 build, and i think many others would be too.


With R19, I found Magic Solo sometimes did odd things - like add 3 or 4 primitives to the scene. My favorite Nitro was his SoundFx (added sounds on collision), but that stopped working a few C4D versions ago.


I just posted an R20-compatible CV-Tokens update. I also added two new tokens - one outputs the entire take hierarchy and the other the name of the parent take. Available now in CV-Toolbox.

There was also a minor compatibility issue with CV-SmartExport which I’ve also fixed.


I really liked that as well. Not needed now, though.

Since R19 we have the media core for video, audio, jpgs.


Cesar Vonc at Code Vonc has R20 versions prepared of:

Unfolder (Dépliage)



Other plugins are under development (hopefully including the excellent Gélatine).



HB_Modeling Bundle reProject button doesn’t work in R20, as soon as I click it, my polygons disappear.


I don’t think the HB tools are R20 ready yet

apparently many are already Python so will work, but I think it isn’t officially supported yet


Don’t know if it was this thread (I think so) but he already mentioned the set will be ready for R20 soon.


can anyone get Nitroblast to work in r20 ?


Maxon needs to explain to their customers, what the deal is with plugins and R20. Be straight and upfront about it. How is it my job to have to bring this bombshell to customers? They are not mentioning this little feature to anyone, and that kinda stinks. This could have been handled better.


It was mentioned on the Maxon Blog https://www.maxon.net/de/news/maxon-blog/article/assistance-when-modernizing-and-moving-forward/ long before R20 release.


A token gesture. For the other 99% of users that have never seen that blog, or this forum, there has been no mention of it.


AVT tool (Align to Vector) is a gem of a plugin. Hope it gets ported to R20 because it’s usufulness is hard to replicate.
cheers / Alex


It’s also here:

“As part of the transition to a more modern Cinema 4D core, there are lots of API changes with Release 20. Unfortunately, that requires third-party developers to adapt and recompile their plug-ins but it comes with more power and sets the stage for things to come.”

How else would you suggest we communicate it? I’m asking genuinely - I agree that people often don’t seek out information but there’s limited mechanisms to put information in their face directly. I’m sure you can understand too that while we absolutely want to be forthcoming with the information we also want to highlight all the great new features in R20.

There’s always opportunities to improve, but I think Maxon did better than usual in this case. There were blog posts, posts in multiple online communities, posts in the developer forums, dedicated efforts by the SDK team to convey information, new developer tools and forums. No doubt it’s an inconvenience - both for users and developers - but it was a necessary step and it’s great to see most developers (including yourself) have quickly stepped up to the challenge.


anyone else uses short-term license version of C4D? looks like I’m forced to r20, with no option to going back to r19…


This particular script does not work with R20 yet. Also the scripts with file ending.CSC don’t work. Other than that everything should work. If not please write support@holgerbiebrach.com
An official R20 update will come soon. Greetings Holger


Otoy has posted a test version of the Octane c4d plugin for R20. Windows only for now. I’m guessing it will be a at least a week before it’s stable. Could take much longer, who knows.


I agree, but at the same time I am shaking my head thinking why on earth should a plugin even exist or be needed when we are at r20? Its like paying someone to fix my front door but when I come home they painted the fence. Volumes, fields are great, but heck why are we still having to cut a model in half and using a symmetry tag, this is one single thing that slows me down significantly inside C4D?

We should have a real time symmetry for all tasks inside Cinema 4D, especially for modelling. I do hope this new core opens up and gets taken advantage of changing these core things sooner than later. Id pay good money to have real time symmetry without it messing up Uvs, but wait! I already am.