R20 Plugin Updates and Replacements


I just got word from 3dquackers that Forester for R20 is in the works.



Sounds ducking great :slight_smile:


Great, I love Forester. When it updates I’ll get the expanded library they released as well.


true symmetry doesn’t work anymore with r20. since it hasn’t seen any updates in years i have my doubts there will be an r20 update to it. does anyone know of a proper equivalent that will work with r20?

edit: i know of magic symmetry, but it isn’t quite the same…


Reeper - the rope generator, has been updated to 2.04 for R20 compatibility.


An excellent little plugin - thank you Volker!


there is no plugins folder how do you install?



Somone out there who can “SOLO button” rewrite? Please, I’m glad to pay something!
I upload it here: (it was free and can’t find it nowhere else) https://we.tl/t-gkTnNicDD7


What does it offer that isn’t covered by the built-in Solo function & Nitroman’s free ‘Magic Solo’ ? (because these 2 work differently, I use them both, depending on the circumstance)


This includes SteadyCamPro :frowning: :cry:


NitroMan has a free plugin Magic Solo and also a more powerful paid product called Nitro Solo. His products will be available for R20


Yes, that´s the biggest disappointment. A big loss :frowning:


I know. But Dr Bluem is talking about an older coffee-base plugin called solo-button that pre-dates Magic Solo & the built-in Solo. I used to use it myself way back.
I just wondered what it still offers for an R20 owner compared to those.


Insydium has an R20 upgrade announcement for XP and Cycles. XP supports fields.

They have this note:
"We are pleased to announce you’ll soon be able to use our latest Cycles 4D and X-Particles with MAXONs Cinema 4D R20. Please note: Your existing plugins will not work with R20, you will need our new builds, which will be going out under the Early Access Programme.

More info to follow soon!"


Nice! Hoping the next version of Cycles4D integrates the same Cycles build from the upcoming 2.8 release. I believe that this was one of the first components of that app that reached completion. But that may be part of some larger down-the-road upgrade / maintenance release for Cycles, not part of the “R20 builds”.


C4DtoA up to 2.4.1(link)
Support for Multi-Instances in CINEMA 4D R20
Support for the Volume Loader and Volume Builder in CINEMA 4D R20


CV Splines installation attempt returns a files not downloaded error in toolbox:

CV-Splines:: Failed to download files - check internet connection

No problem with Internet connection here. Installed quite a few other CV plugins without issue.


Should be fixed.


Ah you beat me to it… yes, now fixed!


In case there is no update, you can use layers to accomplish the same task.


The excellent AEC4D plugin 1.0.8 is said to be ready for R20.

Greyscale Gorilla currently seems to have most plugins ready for R20 (just download from your customer site). A notable current exception seems to be Signal. I also could not get HDRI Link and HDR browser to work.