R20 Plugin Updates and Replacements


4D Paint, 4D Publish, and all our other plugins, have been updated and now work with R20.

You can also now get a free 14 day demo version for R17, R18, R19 and R20.


For the next couple of weeks get 25% off using the coupon RELEASEDAY25OFF


HB ModellingBundle V2.3 has just been released. It is now fully compatible with R20 and comes with some great new modelling Tools:
Here is a Teaser:


I’m hoping for PointProjector , an amazing free plugin… maybe someone can convert it to run for R20?


It also has the source on github. This is an Invaluable plugin !!

Thanx ,



I can confirm this plugin already works in Cinema 4D R20 using our Bridge, see here:


The Bridge is already available to all X-Particles 4 users and will go to general release later this month. If you want it early it is available with the latest X-Particles Demo:



Someone made it, but i see that windows os


LAZPoint 2 win is now available for R20.

Version 2.45 - Nov 13th 2018. (R20+ changes only)

  • Massive rendering setup time speedup in the R20 version by threading optimization.
  • Fixed a nasty bug that was causing incorrect file structure errors between different versions of C4D.
  • R18 version remains at 2.41.

Version 2.41 - Nov 8th 2018.( R18/R19/R20)

  • Added Point Cloud Snap. LAZSnap. Enabling 3D snapping lets you use all c4d tools that can snap, on a LAZPoint point cloud, in realtime.
  • Added Drag/drop for LAZ,LAS,xyz and pts files. if you drag drop a lidar file into c4d a new LAZPoint object is created a filled with your point cloud.
  • Point Cloud scene data is now stored in a separate data file, separated from the scene file. This makes saving the scene, much easier with large point clouds.
  • Fixed issues with realtime cloud transform function.
  • Added clipping to exports. Exports can be used to cut out blocks, save them and bring them back in. this is super convenient for segmenting large clouds into manageable chunks.
  • Added a special Multi Instance shader that can render the color of Multi Instances.
  • Added support in R20 for for Multi Instances.
  • Added clipping.Point size min/max. Lets you define min max sizes viewport and render clipping.
  • Fixed : Bounding Box display.
  • moved LAZPoint prefs under cinemaplugins.com prefs. All of my plugins prefs will go in here.
  • Fixed : prefs->Info Available OGL RAM, now shows the correct value. ( Maxon bug : still WRONG with AMD cards showing zero RAM)
  • Fixed : point mode. vertex color tags where broken.



Our Cinema 4D R20 Bridge to support plugins from R12 to R19 under R20 is now out, free to register and download:




i can confirm that Tools4D Vectorizer, AMA 1D Snap, Override Child Selection & OneSpline works with the bridge


Any plans to support Ivy Grower with your bridge ?
After all these years & despite some limitations, it remains a very useful plugin.
Also, thanks Insydium for this contribution to the the C4D community.


Has anyone had C4D to UNREAL plugin working with R20?


The Cineversity one? An updated version is in the works. Should be out soon.


Yes Rick, the cineversity one.

Glad to know it’s not dead. Unlike Unity, working with unreal and C4D really is painful without this plugin.

Do you know which version of Unreal it will be compatible with?

Thanks for the info.



Hello everyone,

I updated the atmosphere plugin for R20. It is on my site http://www.welter-4d.de/ It got the addition of a custom material preview. Apart from that, it is functionally the same as previously.

Furthermore, I want to thank the people at Insydium for their R20 bridge. If you miss my other plugins, I advice you to try it.

Only my shaders are not working. I can’t tell when/if I port them.

Kind regards,


Thx a lot, Michael, and merry Christmas!


Thanks Michael!


hi there, is there a script for R20 to toggle Safe Frames?


here you go … just a barebone toggle not button highlighting or anything else,

you can make almost any c4d comand toggle that way …

import c4d

def main():
    bd = doc.GetActiveBaseDraw()

if __name__=='__main__':


big Shoutout to AT2 helping out for the “external Backup” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

now you guys have to wrangle the code as always. I think AVT is R15 so there might be some work to do till it will run properly.

avt-aaa_sourcecode.zip (83.6 KB)


thank you!


Reeper does not seem to be working for me. I’ve installed the R20 version. (mac)

Anyone else have any issues?