R20 Plugin Updates and Replacements


OK…we start to re-build our collection of plugins. Oh the joy.

First up the old ‘Drop to Floor’.

It is broken but a guy in the community has a free replacement:


I checked NitroMan’s site — with his vast collection of goodies — no word on his site about R20.

I sent an e-mail inquiry on behalf of all of us to ask about his plans for R20.


Curious Animal posted this message:

You’ve probably heard by now that Cinema 4D R20 includes some major changes for plugins, which have influenced our compatibility this time round.

First of all no plugins built for prior versions will work with R20, so copying plugins from your R19 or earlier plugins folders won’t work for R20. Instead please:
1 Download our latest Plugin Manager, which includes R20 support.
2 Then get your new plugin Activation Codes to work with R20 using our Updated Licence Form.
3 Install the new Plugin Manager in your R20 plugins folder, start C4D, and open the Plugin Manager - it will take you through the process of activating and downloading the correct versions of our plugins for R20.

The main change for us is Fields - these are awesome! But they replace falloffs. We’ve updated most of our falloffs to work with R20 anyway to help you transition old projects - I say most because unfortunately Noise Falloff and Boole Falloff just don’t work with R20, Super Source Falloff and our free falloffs are working. Fields pretty well cover all the features available in Fallofftopia so we won’t be developing fields versions of these, although we still support them for R15-19. As I mentioned earlier Grid will not be supported for R20. There is also no R20 version of our free Falloff Sampler Shader. (Edit: falloff plugins in R20 only have legacy support, you’ll be able to see our falloffs if you open a project from R19 or older that already uses them, but any new projects will only have access to fields. That excludes our falloff plugins at least for now, in future I might convert some of our free falloffs to fields).

All our other paid and free plugins are working now with R20. As some code changes were required there’s always a chance that new bugs will pop up so if anything doesn’t seem to work as it did previously please get in touch to let us know.


I have inquired w/Mike at Insydium regarding X-Particles for R20. As of Aug 31 this was Mike Batchelor’s reply:
“We will give info about R20 very soon”


Cinema Plugins - Paul Everett:

Dem Earth New v3.20 for C4D R20

LAZPoint and other products - no word


Just noticed that 3dQuakers last month announced a “Forester Expansion Pack”. It has 51 trees and comes with output options for third party Cinema 4D renderers: VRay, Arnold, Corona, Redshift, Octane and Thea. I think there are some other enhancements.

As for R20 compatibility…I couldn’t find any info…


I’m pretty sure all of his plugins are Python, so I’d expect they would continue to work for the most part.

For reference, plugins with a pyp or pypv file should work. Plugins with an xdl64 (win) and xlib (mac) will work. Plugins with only a cdl64 (win) or dylib (mac) won’t work, but it’s fine if those R19 compatible compiles are sitting in the same folder as long as there’s an xdl64 and xlib. Because COFFEE is discontinued anything with a cob or cof extension won’t work


As far as Cineversity plugins go, almost all of our recent tools are Python-based, including CV-Toolbox, CV-ArtSmart, CV-SmartExport, CV-Splines, etc. All of those should work fine in R20.

CV-AR has already been updated and the R20 compatible version can be downloaded via CV-Toolbox.

CV-VRCam won’t be maintained going forward, since it’s replaced by the native spherical camera.

There’s a few old COFFEE scripts and a couple of additional C++ plugins (CV-Tokens, CV-PlaneSmart, CV-SubDeformer) that aren’t currently compatible. I plan to tackle CV-Tokens as soon as possible. The others will probably take a bit longer as I may redesign them a bit rather than doing a straight conversion.


RealFlow | C4D 2.6 is available now, which adds R20 compatibility, plus some big fixes.

Sadly, Tooflarm has announced that Kuroyume Greebler will not be receiving an R20 upgrade. So that’s pretty much EOLed then.


what I can say - I just sent my new R20 Serial and a request or information for R20 versions and already got all the plugs bought with a new serial and compilation which seem to work fine with R20. Just about to test in detail :slight_smile:


Just about to test in detail? Great! Keep us posted.


just a quickie : https://www.dropbox.com/s/5ygsgeyrp8p7ek5/mofracture.mp4?dl=0
Fractals painted using Nitro´s MoFracturePaint , some seed points added for moselection tag and a freeze field in grow mode to activate dynamics …


Nitro replied w/two e-mails…pasting his messages here:

 all the plugin work in r20 and more plugin I release very soon ! work in r20 and down
the only dosent work it’s plugin very old , make with COFFEE like
Thrausi And EasyCloth but this plugin already very old so I think no big problem in r20
because the r20 don’t support COFFEE :frowning:
but all the others plugin python in r20 working fine I make update to all


Almost all of my Modeling scripts are python and will work with R20. Only a few coffee scripts I need to rewrite. Most I already rewrote in python.


So maybe in a month or so you’ll have it ready?


I hope so yes.


Delta Mush by valkaari

After contacting valkaari Manuel said he will work on it asap and there will be a Delta Mush for r20 soon.



I used to have loads of plugins but recently I stopped because a lot of the reasons for the plugins before were kind of solved by the later versions of C4D. However one plugin that I found always useful was Enhance by Biomekk. Seems they have been updated for R20Biomekk Enhance


Regarding Octane for R20.

The dev for the c4d plugin is opposite of the CEO, Jules. He tends to under-promise and over-deliver.

Here is all he would say about R20 Octane plugin:

Thu Aug 30, 2018 6:35 pm
It will take some time to bring a build. Keep your eyes on next releases.


Dem Earth is ready for R20 on both mac and pc.
LAZPoint within days.
vector pro, in September.
others to follow…