r20 plugin folder???


Old user is feeling stupid when cannot install plugins in r20 because
there is no plugins folder.
I try to install from preferences inside cinema 4d but it does not
work either.


Yeah, I’ve noticed this too


got a reply from support
"the folder is not needed for Cinema 4D anymore, so it’s missing by purpose.
If you want to install plugins, you will have to create the folder yourself or better use the recommended plugins folder inside your userfolder. "


Just create one for yourself


But you can forget about Corona for r20 at the moment…


Also you can now add custom plugin paths within the preferences.


Good to know. Most plugin devs still are still making plugins r20 compatible…


thank you!


Such an odd response from them on this. So C4d can create fire smoke and fluids natively now in R20? Easy fix to be sure- just an odd thing to leave out.


smoke and fluids are out of this topic


I think it’s worth pointing out that Insydium has a free plugin to update X-Particles 4 and some other third party plugins. Go here to register for the plugin and they will contact you. https://insydium.ltd/products/bridge/register-for-bridge/ You will have to create your plugin folder in R20 if you don’t have one already. Then put their two files inside the X-Particles folder inside your plug in folder. Then, set your plugin preferences to have a search path to your folder.


the correct plugins folder has moved. Open c4d, open the preferences and then click the button at the bottom of the window. This will take you to your prefs/plugins folder.

You can manually make a plugins folder in the maxon c4d folder if you like but you might have permissions problems if you aren’t admin.


My guess is that they wanted to give user control to permit flexibility.

In practice…I like the old way better.


ivy grower its working in this version?? ,because i am trying to use this plugin and for me its not working


Can you try to open plugin folder from inside cinema 4d preferences panel and install ivy grower plugin from there?