R20 High DPI 4k screen


It’s a windows-specific problem.


Ya’all aren’t doing 4k right. Buying a small or even moderate sized 4k monitor doesn’t make sense. On one PC I have a 40" monitor…and on my other PC I recently added a TV with a 55" display. I quickly fell in love.

Go ahead chuckle. But I’m the one laughing WITH JOY.

I spent less than $500 for the Samsung TV but in reality it makes a very nice monitor.

-I can view w/out fuss and fuzz scaling. I just set Windows scale = 100%.
-Under TV settings it has 4:4:4 Chroma Subsampling.
-It has 60 Hz refresh

OK…such a ‘monitor’ might not be your cup of tea if you are space-constrained, or are less willing to arch your head to move your gaze. In my case my poor vision and budget considerations (esp. on this second PC) were paramount.

And believe me…I don’t forget that it’s also a TV, connected to streaming services (Amazon, Apple TV, Hulu, Netflix).

Even w/this monster I did set the c4d font GUI to 16 point, but again I’m vision challenged.

Let me be clear. For me this is far from a compromise solution. It feels like wicked luxury. I LOVE IT. I might be selling my pricier 40" true PC display in favor of another of these ‘TVs’. :slight_smile:

I do wonder about color accuracy and will investigate calibration. Perhaps a further reply on that front forthcoming…


I went this route because increased pixel density helps my eyes a tremendous amount; even with a 25" 2560x1440 monitor, I was able to make out the pixels - especially on text. - as I only sit a couple feet away. Switching to 4K on a 27" screen improves this dramatically., and seems to work quite well everywhere else.