R20 glitches


I’m still trying to nail down a repeatable procedure as it seems kind of random.

Sometimes items will not redraw either in the viewport or in the redshift render view. It does not matter if I’m using native or redshift materials. The objects will not show in the editor view.

The only way I can get them to show up when this happens is to select the item, move it, then undo.

Also if I’m using the bevel deformer this tends to happen frequently. I have to disable the deformer, then re-enable it to make the item draw.

What’s strange is the object disappears from editor view, RS render view AND picture viewer output until I “fix” the issue by moving it or disabling/re-enabling.

Between all the plugin issues and this problem, I’m really not seeing R20 as production ready. At least not on my install. Hoping there is a patch soon to fix some of these issues.

If I could find a way that would definitely be repeatable, I’d provide a file…but it’s so random.

I’m not working with heavy scenes either.


Rebooting C4D fixed it. I’ll post in here again if it happens again.


Thought I should come in here and fess up about what the problem was.

Somehow solo mode was activated (I must have done it unknowingly as some point).