R20 expectations?


But MAXON could advertise this version with “You don’t need balls to use C4D!”


i miss the forums, barely check them now maybe once a month or so when i think about it… i think it really fostered a good community or users and think of how many people i “know” from those days in here… lots of good people, very talented people that often i now wonder what they are doing or if they even use C4D anymore…

i’m just not as big of a fan of the twitter or Slack type stuff blasted text style at you - thats the last thing i need an iPhone lighting up for some tweet that i don’t care about being shoved into my eyeballs… most use of text blast/ slack style stuff seems to be more random people posting a problem wanting a quick easy answer from someone, then disappear again - no community feel at all to me - i look there now and then too and most user names are completely new every couple months it seems

to me those types of things - short post and reply stuff - it just does not seem as complete/cohesive jumping into the middle of someones text chat and what transpired before nearly impossible to discern (well at least to me) - so unless you stay constantly “active” online hooked on that endorphin rush of being afraid to miss anything - well you miss a lot of the conversation and the ability to catch up on a discussion that maybe started a few days ago and yet jump in and contribute just like you were there all along like the forums threads - i think a lot of the contributing decline on the forum use was nobody wanted negative comments or constructive criticism (which i think is good to hear user feedback i learned more in those threads then anywhere else) - i used to know so much about the current bugs and how to avoid them from the forums… now only if i stumble across it myself and then less ability to find others who have found it and maybe posted a workaround and the ability to help/reply to others with your knowledge that may get another user out of a jam - always knowing who the “go to guy” is for a certain speciality - particles, IK, modeling etc… was nice to have those conversations with talented users here and share the knowledge…

maybe the fourms activity will come back kinda retro like interest - flip phones and community chat forums again…

nice to see some names in this thread that i recognize : ) hope all those old time users are doing well



Dan the “former 3D guy”
With alot of Experience (and frustration) :banghead:
with C4D net render IIRC.
Just be aware that some us unrecognized names
might be Cgtalk “old timers” who were absent for reasons we really dont wish to revisit, but are now back trying to contribute as best we can.
Good to see your are still around Mate.


Hey Dann

I still come here often, and there are still some “go to guys” for various snags (mostly noseman :slight_smile: )
I agree, the MDA Slack (discord etc) is kind of a chaotic party room for the ADHD crowd, and anything you post gets buried in minutes, , however I do have a lot of luck getting questions answered quickly (as long as it has to do with GPU rendering)


I would love a fully integrated fast physical GPU renderer, which scales to SLI and handles HAIR well ^^;

…oh and heat-weighting!

…and maybe mesh-hair-guides >_>;


Source? :slight_smile:


Cant find the link right now, but the next version was announced would be free with certain limitations. Single gpu for example. So usable for all, but pros with multi card machines would need to buy a copy.


Ah great, thank you!


I think it will be 2 gpu’s per account without network rendering.


…more about here…


I dont trust the octane people… thy lied to often to me… they are a nogo…


https://www.comsol.com. I use the RF and Non-linear modules. You can easily spend in upwards of 20k on software like this. One can perform some of the same things in Matlab, however, there is a reason software like Comsol exists. Hard stuff.


You personally or do you mean public promises about some version of their product that did not happen as they said? As far as I know their main flaw is not doing a good job of releasing their products on time.

Either way Octane 4 looks pretty impressive, all the more so because if you have a 2 GPU system it’s still free and full-featured. Still waiting on bridge plugins but I believe the commercial stand alone version 4 is already avaialble for licensed users. Once there is a workable NVIDIA eGPU hack for 10.14 (doubtful Apple will ever support NVIDIA due to the bad blood between the companies), I would certainly consider downloading the free plugin and trying it out with R20. Nothing to lose and if you like it, no commercial restrictions. Take the extra money that would’ve gone towards a rendering license and buy a second eGPU (just the box I mean).


R19 was announced July 31 of last year. I hope we are going to see an announcement this week!


Siggraph is later this year.
Don’t expect news before one week.


Expect the unexpected :slight_smile:


There’s no news coming, they’re just trying to test a heavy load on the maxon web server.


R20 is here!!


And here too!!


I guess now the funny time begins in Friedrichsdorf… :wink:
Of course, what Björns referrs to is the fact, that this year it will be revealed after SIGGRAPH