R20 Bug: Window Pop-up After Renaming Anything


Win 10, R20.030 Studio

I click to rename any object in my object manager, I type in my new text, and once I click elsewhere in the Object Manager to accept my next text, any one of my other Windows 10 programs currently open pops up: Chrome, iTunes, VLC - whatever. Every single time.

Quite strange, and annoying. Doesn’t happen with R19. Thoughts?



You are not the first one to experience this, unfortunately

sounds like a bug for sure.


Ahh, how’d I miss that other forum post?

Well, at least it’s not only on my system.


It’s very annoying.
I’ve tried to develop a habit of pressing enter key after renaming an object, but it’s not that easy.
Also not having an open window of some kind under C4D window helps.


It is nice to see other folks reporting this…it’s a hard problem to describe.
I know that it doesn’t seem to be related to plug-ins (tried with clean install).
And I don’t think it did it on first release of R20.

How many experiencing this are on the Oct 2018 Windows update? I am.


Yeah, I’m on a fresh installation of Windows, and (as far as I remember) wasn’t getting it on the previous build.


happens here too.


I reported this again to Maxon. I am suspecting Oct 2018 Windows Update… could you please report your windows version




Just got word from Maxon that they updated to Windows 1809 and now see the issue described above. Yay! They are on it.


Good to hear!


Hallefreakingluiah! Will be nice to get this one fixed.


UGH… They did NOT fix it in today’s update…

It’s a real quality of life bug…too bad.


That’s not even funny!


sad trombone sound


That’s hilarious, I could hear the actual sound in my head…thanks for that :joy:


Ugh… still not fixed with 20.055 . I hear the trombone too : (




Ok I couldn’t resist…blurry and pixellated on purpose! ha


Perfect for the job : )