R19 Rig 'Female Clothed', from Content Browser, won't scale properly


I loaded in the rigged character ‘Female Clothed’ from the Content Browser, but I can’t get her to scale without distorting.
How do you scale this rig?



you can’t just scale any rig in c4d. best practice to scale rigs in c4d is to scale the whole project, found under “edit”>>“scale project”.


Well… You actually can) And it’s rather simple. Here’s the steps and rules:

  1. All rig’s stuff must be groupped (or putted in a fresh created null) like in an example above with “Female Clothed”
  2. Turn off “Skin”
  3. Switch to “Use Object Mode”
  4. Scale how you want
  5. Select all weight tags (through “filters area” or create new clean weight tag on groupping null -> slect identical child tags) and click “Set Bind Pose” there.
  6. Turn on “Skin”
    That’s it) Hope it’ll be helpfull.



Thanks, that worked perfectly.

For newbies:
Step 2. ('Turn off “Skin”) means set the ‘Enabled’ property to unchecked.
Step 5. ("Select all weight tags…filters area) means use the magnifying glass icon at the right side of the ‘Objects’ tab’s menu bar to set selected by group.


Glad I helped you and thanks for clarifications for newbies)