R19 polygon reduction tool is not functional ?


R19 polygon reduction tool has changed place in menu to green tools and it does not reduce anything
when placed under polygonal object.

Let´s say I have 2 million polygon object as laser scanned data and I want to reduce
polygons to 100 000. Then polygon reduction tool is a must have.

In r18 it is still working and I have to convert object first in there and save it
as lower polygon to use it in R19.


with R19 we decided to reclasify the poly reduction to a generator instead of deformer, which is why its changed it place over to sit with the other generators. having the poly reduction as a generator was always a bit of an anomaly so we decided to correct that with the updated version.
of course now that it is a generator your poly object becomes the child and not the other way around like with the deformers.
hope that helps :slight_smile:


oops, double post


I e-mailed to support and I got this link.


Yes it helps indeed. Thanks


What Glen explained also is the reason why it is now in a different group. The “green tools” are generators that generate something based on an input (child), like the subdivision surface, voronoi fracture or polygon reduction. The purple ones are deformers. They don’t generate new objects but modify existing ones. There are a few exceptions, e.g. bevel or explosion deformers, but in general that’s the rule.


Yes I can see that and got it working now.
It was bit frustrating for old user to find from different menu but
I guess r19 tool is little bit faster than old reduction tool. Not too many
options too.