R19 crash course video tutorial


So it’s been one and a half years now, so I figure it’s time to update the full videos. I know it’s not the one everyone here will want but I’ll start here to get back into the swing of things before I tackle some of the meatier topics. Today I’m releasing a new R19 crash course video for anyone just getting into C4D. This one straddles the line of my older videos. I used to offer a 1 hour intro and a 5 intro, I figure why not try something inbetween. so if you have a new guy at work who needs to move over to C4D, you could do worse.

The full video and a 10 minute sample can be found here:
25% off this week with the code “talktalk”

And as ever all my free videos (I might release a new cloth sim one this week :)) are up on YouTube:


Wonderfull collection already! i watched the hair tut and after all these years of using it, there is still stuff I missed. The scuplt was also extremely usefull.
Love to see the Cloth sim. very generous you provide this all for free! Thanks again.



Mmmm, changed my mind, this week we’ll turbo charge C4D’s old particle system with physics, deformers, spline following and mograph tools :slight_smile:

Cloth next week I promise



This looks great, as most things from 3D Fluff are.

On your site, I do wish you’d spell modelling with two Ls though, Mash. As a Brit you’re letting the side down… :wink:


Ugggh, you know what I was struggling with that one last night… I want to use modelling; colour; aluminium etc, but half of the English-speaking c4d market is north American… so purely from the point of view of getting better results in google I’ve had to go for the 'merkin spelling. We’ll just have to make do with bombarding them with our accents for now.


I feel your pain. I’ve been corrected a number of times on how travelling, modelling and cancelled should be spelled with one L. Not where I’m from.

Bloody marvelous, isn’t it? :wink: