R17 on High Sierra?


Anyone running R17 on a Mac with current OS? Is it compatible? If so, any issues?



Just updated from 10.9 and v16 works as always … fwiw


Great news, thanks!
Out of curiosity, what kind of machine(s) are you running, and what’s your initial impressions of the new OS?


I’m on iMac.

I’m not sold on this as I was mo0re or less forced to upgrade
for tax filing software.

I lost some a “boom” application that boosts sound levels for rating movies.
I don’t like dashboard not being laid over an open window.
I don’t like how the frequent favorites disappear.

I’ll deal with it … like all things in life. :hmm:


Yeah, for a number of years, Apple seems to remove or otherwise complicate features which appeal to wide array of people.
But has yours, at least, been stable? Especially, under work loads like C4D?


Yes, applications are stable … as is C4D.


Cool. Thanks. I guess you just need to avoid doing anything other than work, with the new OS… :wink: