R16 Team Render feedback thread


Hi all

Looking forward to receiving my download link for R16.
First thing I want to do is update the studio from R14 to R16 so we can continue using the Render Manager/Server stye render farm approach (like NET) with the new TR.

Before we commit to this workflow however, I wanted to get some feedback from those who have used the new TR for animation in a production environment. More than 5 clients, (preferably at least 10-20) big files (maybe 1gb or more), lots of textures, some heavy. Lots of long shots (say 1000 frames).

Anybody get to test under those sorts of conditions?
If you do please post your feedback here, as will I.



i keep checking my email every 5 seconds (well actually every 2 to 3 seconds) so i can get this new R16 downloaded…

just waiting… i even renewed my MSA a month early just to hopefully get on the top of the list.

i’ll be sure to post how things run :smiley:

i did already check the maxon web page for an R16 update - nothing yet, but typically there has been an update available right away from the “shipping” version… i just want to get these installers or updates here and ready to go.



Disable the bonjour option in c4d, TR works most reliably when you feed in an IP:port or machine name for it to connect to.

When opening up ports in firewalls, keep in mind the client version uses a different port to the c4d integrated version, 5400 and 5401 off the top of my head.

Its probably obvious, but make sure you’re using a good wired gigabit cable connection, wireless will fall over too fast as it gets saturated and 100mbit really isnt up to snuff these days.


Thanks Mash–appreciate the tips


Sorry for not staying on topic, but where have you seen that R16 release should be downloadable?

I haven’t heard a pip from Maxon or my reseller neither about renewal of my MSA or any release of R16.


Theres a press release on the main site

FRIEDRICHSDORF, Germany – September 2, 2014 – MAXON today announced the immediate availability of Cinema 4D Release 16 (R16), the next generation release of the company’s industry-leading 3D software…



i think the main thing for us in the USA is maxon US is in CA

so the time zone difference being that it is just getting to be 9am there and the beginning of their work day…

meanwhile for us early risers on the east coast of USA - we’ve been sitting checking our email for the past 6 or more hours “just in case” :stuck_out_tongue:



not to get into salt rubbing, but i do find it a bit of sweet irony that one of the reasons given for killing off NET was too many users were having trouble with the IP thing (like who could have trouble with IP’s in 2013?)

so the whole “bonjour” simplicity innovation and integration was a main feature point of Team Render, yet has caused easily more posts on issues and workaround with it then i ever saw with NET on the forums and the ironic solution being to go back to using IP addresses. (yes, we go full circle now, the same IP’s that were given as a main reason of killing NET)

so for any serious users, yeah skip the whole bonjour stuff and just spend 3 minutes to learn what an IP is and you will be better off. ditto for wireless, for a node or two maybe - like those laptop users to desktop light duty users - but if you are serious just get a little hub and a few cables and be way better off for it.



They’re rolling out now, in groups as usual.

Make sure to apply the online update.


yes thank you!

my R16 is half downloaded and i already downloaded the R16.021 updater from maxon

amazingly i already received my permanent serial numbs - wow, super fast maxon!

one small thing to point out is the permanent serial number page still does not list R16 as an option. still works, but just one of those things you know…

thanks again,



We still haven’t received our R16 email links. Not being impatient…just wondering when to expect it. In other words, does it take several days to roll them all out, or should they have all been rolled out by now?



I can only speak for US / Can / LatAm. We got through electronic fulfillment of half of the MSAs yesterday. The other half should happen today - Thursday at latest. It’s a generally automatic process, but we do it in rolling groups and perform a number of spot checks.

I know everyone is anxious to get their hands on the software, and appreciate your patience.


No worries Rick. Was more a curiosity than anything. I actually won’t be able to install until later in the week anyway.

update just got the download link and serials for our licenses. It will have to collect dust for a couple days. :slight_smile:




So far I really dig it. I’m surprised, however, that there is no per frame render time feedback. There’s overall animation, but when you do long animations and it’s crucial to watch your render times closely, it’s really important to get a per frame render time. I’ve had scenes start out at 15 minutes per frame then suddenly jump to 6 hours per frame once some objects with, displacement, transparency and SSS come into frame. This could kill you if you were unaware. Well, not literally :P.


We are installing on our render rack as I type this. Really looking forward to start testing the TR manager. Although we didn’t have per frame render time feedback with NET either, it would be nice to get that in there. Best I was ever able to do (if I wasn’t using the render queue or picture viewer) is look at the creation time on each file to see where the sudden gap in time popped up.

Looks like this new render manager is fresh and new and therefore (hopefully) more flexible to receiving new features. Hopefully Maxon can add that in.


True but that old Net Render was pretty archaic :). If you’ve ever used a service like Render Rocket, their interface looks similar to this new Team Render manager, but with more detail. One of them was a per-frame feedback and the ability to to 4 frame test packets just by clicking a button. Very slick. This new manager is indeed looking poised to flesh out into an industry leader. A lot of praise to Maxon for this and hope they CONTINUE ADDING FEATURES WITH EACH UPDATE! Whoops, my caps lock was on…by mistake :smiley:


If you’re installing Vray, be aware that if a node is not installed properly, the manager will not give you an error. Plus the node will render anyway but render what looks like a weird OpenGL representation. The only error you will get will be in the client window itself when it goes to load Vray, and it’s a quick one at that.



ok, installed my TRS yesterday, left it up and running, no issues logging in, etc stayed running 24-48 hours fine.

looked around the interface, sure seems to be a lot of tabs up there… and i really don’t get the arrows, like what are they doing when i click? sorting by ascending/descending i think - but what do the two arrows mean? what is the default sort method? i think when you reboot the TRS Server the Created ON info all become the same - not all that helpful (i think that may be the default sort one)

no way to sort TR clients? how do you tell when one is down? is the TRS Server window the only feedback?

also the X in a circle on the NET Server window is breaking some GUI rule i am sure - for windows users etc that means CLOSE a window - i stared at it for a good 5 minutes before i dared click it - like what window would it close? ugh… it is used to CLEAR the console/log window… not GUI standard. and there is a menu option right next to that for the same thing…

so i installed one TR R16 node just now and i copied like 10 old C4D files from my R14 NET Server user folder, just small jobs, tests, the old standby C4D scene Logo animation i use for fast tests to make sure all nodes are responding. i and one empty project folder i created with the TRS interface in there too.

so copied these 10 old project folders over into my new R16 user account folder… (this is where it gets weird)

i was just scrolling around the JOBS tab, hmmm… 5 jobs of the 11 on the left is all i can see? WTF? maxon you REALLY, REALLY, REALLY need to stop beta testing with (no offense to them) hobbyist type users that pop in one job and then delete it when done… as admin user it is common for me to have dozens if not 50-100 jobs in the jobs list… cripes… that list is LONG to scroll through.

second thing about that - there is no job number count anywhere - so you literally have to scroll up and down looking for any new job you put in there (or DID you put it in?), at least if there was a job list that was 10, then you copied something in and the job list count went to 11 you’d know it is in there… now i have to seek it out, sometimes there are lots of very similar names project folders, or very small differences like version number on the folder etc… will be very easy to miss scrolling like this… (will be a big source of frustration for users)

so pop over to the MONITOR tab… hmmm… that list sure is long, seems more then the 11 jobs i have in there… WTF? the jobs are duplicating themselves…? the list is huge after a few minutes, the 11 jobs are now in the hundreds… any idea WHY this is happening? has anybody else left a project folder IN their R16 TRS user folder? (MAC OSX 10.7.5 running the TRS Server)

also NO count of items in the MONTOR page - so again if you have more then 25 good luck knowing if there is something new in there… scroll, scroll, scroll to find it… now i have hundreds of jobs listed…

click over to the NETWORK tab and click on my SERVER on the side (again - geez with a server you can only see like 3-4 clients… ugh more scrolling around and not very intuitive to see what your more then 4 render nodes are doing) but highlighting the SERVER i see the log is now over 1000 entries, it is “finding the new jobs over and over in the watch folder” so it says…

it is NOT replicating the empty project folders i created using the TRS interface - only the folders with stuff in them - is this due to the old job.ini file? or the old scene files? i’ve not put in a new R15/R16 job in there yet…

couple things i also noticed - if i select a TR node check mark it - the “Restart Client” is greyed out still

i have to choose the SELECT ALL, then i can manually uncheck the SERVER and then i can RESTART SELECTED

and even then i think it restarted all anyway meaning it ignored the checkmarks (i was not looking but my TR Server logged me out after choosing restart selected with ONLY the TR client check marked) and then i noticed the TR SERVER console was clean like a new reboot.

i ran the tiny little C4D demo logo animation on the one client i have running - hmm no image previews shown anywhere - this was a great feature of NET you could easily look at the Clients page and see if one client was not generating frames. also you could easily see if like a client was rendering funky by the previews it generated (i.e. black frames, or if one was not finding a texture, or LC cache etc - you could often catch it here before it ran the whole job)

it seems the Server log stops at 1000 (yes in just a few minutes my 11 jobs is now over 1000 in the Monitor page and in the Server log)

this may be a OSX safari thing - but the scroll bar on the far right edge in the TRS interface is nearly invisible - i can barely see it in the light grey bar and the just barely darker grey slider - and at 1000+ now things it’s getting pretty small over there to find it.

made a new USER, not ADMIN logged in to see what they would see. so no way to give preference to users now? no priority number? like in house over outside freelance priority rendering? but as for ADMIN stuff, i don’t think them seeing the PORT the Server is listening over, TR Clients communicate over is necessary - in fact probably not so from a security point - now i can start hacking away at that possibly KNOWN OPEN PORT (if users are port forwarding over the internet like i know some users did with NET Clients)

hmm the interface is getting really slow… i mean there are only 10 tiny jobs, 1 or 2 empty project folders but the monitor page has over 1500 or 2000 by now… and the web page is laggy bad

also i found i cannot see this web page from my android tablet : ( it’s a couple years old but it sees everything else on the internet including NET Server just fine. not sure if it works with iPads/iphones etc… have not tried it yet. tried three different web browsers on it.

interesting new thing - if i highlight one job in the JOBS list - it only goes on duplicate that one job not all of them.

also the test job C4D spinning logo once rendered does not seem to be duplicating any more… only the other ones - hmm a clue.

i’ve only spent a hour now with one TR client hooked up and this is some weird stuff… i’m going to take the old jobs out and hope it stops. i will try to figure out why it’s doing this… i would assume that someone out there has an OSX TRS and saw this? (could it be the OSX 10.7.5?) no idea right now…

some poking around - i noticed that the new TRS makes a job.log in the project folders - the date and time was new, but the existing job.ini that was in there previously was an older date and time - another clue - but the test job i did run was the new date and time… so i took all old project folders out and them deleted the job.ini (old) and the new job.log (new) and then dragged them all back into my user folder to see what happens…

well, i think that fixed it. the old job.ini was causing it i think (not a good thing for many users with old existing project folders that may have a job.ini file in them) it created a new job.ini and a new job.log in all the project folders and the replicating stopped.

so for anybody reading, this may be a fluke - or something that will happen again. but i would imagine there will be other users that will put old project folder in their R16 TRS too

more to come i am sure…



Holy cow thats a lot of words.

Cracks knuckles and starts to read…


Dann. thank you, and I’m sorry to hear that.

I have so far had VERY limited success with R16 Team Render Server as well. After confirming an incompatibility with the current Vray 1.9 texture node this is very concerning.

So for the second releases in A ROW, the heavy render usage is hobbled. This is sad. Because the resulting backlash will be “C4D not ready for Prime Time” when the TRUTH is Maxon SCREWED UP one of the most STABLE and DEPENDABLE software packages out there.

Personally I cant wait for Maxon to make the 2.0 (or is it 3.0) version of TeamRender and let me sitting on my ass for another year.

I’m Switching to Deadline for my network renders. And will be looking to Maya to be a bigger part of my Pipeline. My business can not be held back by sub-par software. The Fact that Im going to MAYA of all packages breaks my heart.

Maxon, I have been with you since 5.3! I have been a HUGE fanboy of C4D for Over 15 years. This needs a QUICK response, you need to make this right!